#087–What the Heck are Christian Apologists?

Okay, this one's been bugging me off and on for a year. I see the term dropped randomly in questioning blogs, atheist blogs and videos, Christian articles, etc. It seems self-evident to a lot of people, but not to me. And I think it's the term. When I first heard the word "apologetics," I first … Continue reading #087–What the Heck are Christian Apologists?

Learning to say “no” for your health

Out of curiosity, I took the Briggs-Myers personality test a few months ago. They were right when they said the results might be eerie...they called me a "moderator" type (at least some of my fave actors, scientists, and writers have the same type--makes me feel a bit better). I felt like yes, okay, it's just … Continue reading Learning to say “no” for your health