Red Dragon (Lecter Series #1), by Thomas Harris

My Copy: 0440206154 (image from Well, finally got a chance to tackle this series again. I've seen most of the films (haven't tried Hannibal Rising yet, nor watched the t.v. show), but after watching a lot of first reactions to Silence of the Lambs, I figured it was on the mind and I should … Continue reading Red Dragon (Lecter Series #1), by Thomas Harris

Akira (volume 2), by Katsuhiro Otomo

My Copy: 9781935429029 (image from The gang is back, and Tetsuo is determined to find and meet Akira...whatever that means. According to the adults, it can only mean something really, really bad. Akira (volume 2) focuses again on the teens Kaneda, Tetsuo, Kei and the experimental children (Kyoko, Masaru, and Takashi). The characters and … Continue reading Akira (volume 2), by Katsuhiro Otomo

Honeymoon, by James Patterson & Howard Roughan

My copy: 978145552985 (image from I was directed to this book because I was looking at James Patterson's outline for his Masterclass. Now, though, I've read it twice and still enjoy the hell out of it. Nora Sinclair is a woman I don't think I've ever read in literature before, and she makes it … Continue reading Honeymoon, by James Patterson & Howard Roughan