I’ve been letting this world keep pushing me around…

Yeah, I bastardized a Tom Petty song, but it's become a part of my personal soundtrack and wouldn't leave me alone, like it was telling me I needed to listen and keep it in mind. I let this world get to me. A year and a half ago, I wrote about why I was a … Continue reading I’ve been letting this world keep pushing me around…

#026–How much power has Congress given away to the Executive Branch?

This is a question I've been wanting to ask for years, because the older I get, the more I'm scratching my head going "wait, isn't Congress supposed to do ______?" I find it a bit dismaying that the leaders that are supposed to most closely represent our wishes at the highest levels of government seem … Continue reading #026–How much power has Congress given away to the Executive Branch?

#019–What would it take to go from our current hodgepodge of public & private “healthcare” to universal healthcare in the U.S.?

Because healthcare is hard. More specifically, paying for the sonofabitch is what's so hard. We don't have the economy we used to have, and the insurance system we used to have, and the system in place that made it work because the jobs are gone that fed the beast well. And I don't mean the damned Obamacare/ACA thing everybody wants to bitch about.

Now it Can Be Told, by Philip Gibbs

First, an explanation: I don't remember exactly where I got my copy, but I know why. I heard of this book from Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast ("Blueprint for Armageddon," a six-part audio podcast that goes for roughly 14 hours--fantastic). After listening to every episode--twice--I decided I had to get this book, broke-ness be damned. So I ended up … Continue reading Now it Can Be Told, by Philip Gibbs

#006–How do you know when you “Know Thyself?”

Of course, the corresponding question has to be "What does it mean to really know yourself?" I had to ask this today after re-visiting The Artist's Way, and I've mentally blanked more and more often on the exercises and tasks that come up each week. So many of the questions to reflect on regard wishes, dreams, my childhood thoughts, wishes, dreams, and beyond "I wanna be a teacher when I grow up," I can't really recall too much.

#002: Beyond the over-hyped election, what else can we do to make positive changes & policies in the U.S.?

My inner social studies teacher is kicking me right now, telling me "of course the vote is important, it's your civic duty, it's how our voices are heard, etc." I don't believe that as much as when I was a wide-eyed, newly-registered political innocent, certain that my scrap of paper in the box meant a lot to somebody out there. Then again, that's about all I was taught regarding political participation.