Hannibal Rising (Hannibal Lecter #4), by Thomas Harris

My Copy: 9780440242864 (image from bn.com) This is definitely the shortest book of the bunch, and might be a bit confusing at times because of the pace, but is definitely a page-turner half-way through. I had to stay up til 2am to finish it because it wouldn't leave me alone. Hannibal Rising is about the … Continue reading Hannibal Rising (Hannibal Lecter #4), by Thomas Harris

Akira (volume 2), by Katsuhiro Otomo

My Copy: 9781935429029 (image from bn.com) The gang is back, and Tetsuo is determined to find and meet Akira...whatever that means. According to the adults, it can only mean something really, really bad. Akira (volume 2) focuses again on the teens Kaneda, Tetsuo, Kei and the experimental children (Kyoko, Masaru, and Takashi). The characters and … Continue reading Akira (volume 2), by Katsuhiro Otomo

Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, by Steve Alten

My Copy: 055357910x (image from fab lexile)** Those who loved the book Jaws probably hate the success of this book (at least, that's what some Goodreads reviewers seem to think when the word "Jaws" is written). I wrote my own review of Jaws (the book) a year ago--feel free to read it right here. Anyhoo-- Meg is … Continue reading Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, by Steve Alten