The Main Reason I Write Here:

Why I write these blog posts and have this site:

I tend to muse aloud about things I want to understand better. Learning, to me, comes best from other people. I like to think and consider other points of view. I ask many questions about many different topics, whether social, strange, economic, political, etc.

So, if something I post rankles you and you want to respond, keep in mind that most of what I’m posting is about things I just don’t get. It’s my way of asking questions in order to learn; I’m not out to call people stupid and insist I’m always right. If that’s your goal, then go write your own blog and we’ll have another round of coffee and hugs without you.

That said…

The Pesky Disclaimer–Common Sense & Common Decency Time:

I believe it is possible to politely agree or disagree with another human being without cussing them out, hate-speech, and flame wars. If there is something constructive to say, or an idea you think I/we should check out, then feel free to respond. I love research papers. I’m weird like that. Just make sure to give credit where it’s due if you recommend something or extract from it.

If a response resorts to partisanship, the blame game, name-calling and trolling , don’t be surprised if you post is deleted. I’m going for common decency and common sense; we shouldn’t require the  “P.C. Police” looking over our shoulders. Basic netiquette applies here, so please watch the excessive profanity. If you want to imitate what you heard on 80’s action movies, the latest war movies, or this morning’s YouTube comments…don’t.