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I call myself a “recovering recluse” because for most of my teens and twenties, I did nothing but work and go to school. Academics were the most important thing because college would help me get THAT JOB…you know, the one you work your whole college life for, then a recession hits, you return to school, and even your shiny new Master’s Degree doesn’t help? All my plans and their backups fell through, which led to some desperate choices for bigger paychecks that I’m still kicking myself for instead of sticking it out and doing something better.

Patience–as they say–really is a virtue.

I’ve been an educator (in different ways) for several years, but as much as I love history and reading, I’ve had a lifelong flirtation with writing stories. Life being what it’s been, I decided I would be a writer. Like an idiot who perpetrates the “misunderstanding” scene in every romantic comedy, I threw up my hands, said “What the hell,” the music started, and I ran back to my one true love at last.

I don’t recall an “embrace in the rain” scene, but considering how much I love my paper books and journals, that would be a blasphemous move.

Its been a rusty start. I have to flex different muscles than when I wrote thesis papers, and I’m out of shape, but I’ve declared myself a full-time writer with part-time jobs and volunteer work. Volunteering is the closest I get to making friends, and sometimes they’re even my age!

I covered “recovering” somewhat, now for the “recluse” part.

The biggest lesson I learned from college was that while enjoying classes was great, I should have spent more time socializing and networking. Take this from me if nothing else: it is largely about whom you know. I didn’t realize how much until I’d graduated…twice! School makes it so easy: jamming all those people with flexible schedules in one building, the dozens of clubs you can join with people who like similar things. It’s like they do it on purpose to keep you and your money coming back because it’s so fun (“Come play with us… forever… and ever…”). Ugh.

It gets hard to make friends and contacts outside of school when you have never done it before. I had to remind myself, when I first tried to pull out of my reclusive state, that humans are social animals, and we need to share. I just find it funny that when I was actually ready to be more sociable, it seemed everybody was on the smart phone and calling that social.

Rats, foiled again! But I will persevere and make new friends, and find new interests that require actual human communication with people around my age (and not just my favorite retirees at the diner). It’s a start, at least.

That’s my silver lining talking for me. I always have to find at least one.

And I do have the most awesome best-friend-pseudo-sister who is that one person I’m not without, though we’re a thousand miles apart, so I’m not totally out in the woods alone.

I hope my future musings bring some thought or entertainment (maybe both?) to your day. I’m always thinking, and some thoughts are bizarre, some serious, and some just color me baffled. But I always want to learn; it’s why I’m here, and invite comment on what I don’t understand.

Hugs to you, kind stranger. Have a great [day/week/month…].

–Tally, The Chatty Introvert

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. marieryan says:

    Well that was certainly interesting and very entertaining, Chattyintrovert.
    I feel that I know you very well, but I don’t know anything ‘about’ you at all. So mission accomplished. and very cool.
    I wish I could be more enigmatic like that. Whenever I have to write a bilography or a profile or an “About” page, I give a potted history of my life. It’s so, so annoying! Too transparent.

    Well pleased to meet you, Sir. “Chattyintrovrt” is just too long to keep typing.

    Regards. Marie.

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  2. PiedType says:

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog.
    You’re so right about networking! I’m an introvert who never networked and ultimately paid the price. It’s not so much what you know as who you know.
    Wishing you all the best.

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  3. Amy says:

    LOVE this!! I can relate to being a recluse! I have a tendency to want to go there quite regularly. Glad your reached out to me and I found your blog! It makes me feel much more like trying, again! Nice to meet you! 🙂

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  4. Decker says:

    Most entertaining “about me” page I’ve read! Thank you for dropping by and following my site, as I will be following yours. From a recovering recluse who still hasn’t recovered…Cheers, Decker

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  5. Alexander Atkins says:

    Hi Tally:
    Thanks for your steady support of Bookshelf, written for curious and book lovers just like you. You can never have enough books, and you can never know enough — and the more arcane the factoid, the better, right?

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  6. JAMES F. O'NEIL says:

    Dear Chatty: I am an INFJ. Please take a look at my blog site. You might find some interesting stories from this old fart former teacher. (I saw you through the comment on writing Christmas cards.) Jim. htpps://www.memoriesofatime.blog

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  7. wanwu spirit library says:

    . I don’t recall an “embrace in the rain” scene, but considering how much I protect my journals and books, that would be a blasphemous move. >> THIS IS GOLD!!!!! HAHAHA. I love your voice and your honesty on here thanks love

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  8. bookshelfbattle says:

    I feel your pain. I had a job right after college but well intentioned parents insisted on grad school. Unfortunately, we live in a world where experience is everything and education means a lot less. I spend most of my days wondering how much better life would have been if I had just stuck with my job and saved and sought out promotions and worked my way up. I try to comfort myself by thinking, well you might have been hit by a bus while doing that but it never makes me feel better. Pa rum pum pum.

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