Blitz Q#185–Why do freeze-dried marshmallows melt better in hot chocolate than regular ones?

This is one that’s bugged me for a while, but I forgot about til tonight when I went to make me a cup of hot cocoa (been getting over a sinus infection and needed something OTHER than tea for a bit of a sweet, slightly caffeinated pick-me-up). I always remembered getting Swiss Miss growing up with the little freeze-dried marshmallows in the packet. Made it taste better for sure, and was fun to watch the ‘mallows melt.

But it’s weird that–even when you stir them around a bunch–you get those 1 cm sized ones and they barely melt at all. It got me wondering what it is about the freeze-dry process that makes ’em melt so quickly. Or perhaps they’re not REAL ‘mallows after all (considering the Frankenfoods we have everywhere, it wouldn’t surprise me). I found some vegan peppermint ‘mallows and decided to give ’em a shot. But they melt about as evenly as regular ones… so it got me thinking.

Why do freeze-dried marshmallows melt in hot cocoa so much easier (and more completely) than regular ones? Anybody know?

Floor’s yours…

3 thoughts on “Blitz Q#185–Why do freeze-dried marshmallows melt better in hot chocolate than regular ones?

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      had someone explain the science to me and it makes sense. I just find it funny that no matter how hot, little ‘mallows NEVER seem to completely melt. Just weird. Feels almost like the water vs. oil thing, only something does give a bit with ‘mallows.


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