Q #184–Has anybody ever done the home delivery of “ugly” fruits and veggies thing, and how was it?

I was browsing for staples online for my pantries (since I finally have some slightly disposable income, I felt it was a good time to stock up) and adjusting my renewed subscription to Thrive Market (love their organic stuff, it brings out my experimental side). I don’t know how, but somehow I saw an ad or link to one of the markets that sells the veggies or fruits that are too oddly sized or “ugly” for the typical grocery store. I’d heard this existed, but totally forgot about it, and thought that might be something I could or should do to start getting seasonal fruits and veggies.


And also, how much of a savings? I’ve got a bit how it works, but how much food and what can you do? I mean, it’s just me and the pets. I don’t need to feed a family of four (though, I am trying to get my hands on a chest freezer to put on my porch in the next few weeks, so perhaps the surplus could go in there… gotta do some deck re-staining and sanding first before I put a heavy-ass appliance on it). I love the idea of helping to curb food waste and use up what would otherwise get thrown out because of “ugliness” or surplus, but it wouldn’t do much good to just have ME ending up throwing it all away.

I wouldn’t mind doing this for a few months at least. I really need to learn more about proper gardening and harvesting (and practice some more) before I’d be comfortable considering myself self-sufficient enough. Probably a year or two before I’d feel more certain of my growing skills (and I DEFINITELY need better protection against pests that won’t leave a bunch of chemical junk all over my produce–gah!).


Lots to learn in the next few years, and not worrying about basic food supply would be fantastic. I’m just wondering if sites like Misfit Market for the ugly veggies would be really worth it. I’ve heard of farmer co-ops or whatever they’re called that you can get a box of stuff from once a month, but there isn’t much grown around here for people food and it wouldn’t last but a few months. A year-round possibility, though? Heck yeah, I’d want that.

And the idea of cooking things and eating things in season just sounds so good.

Anybody tried one of these services before, and how was your experience? Was it worth it (or is it even now)?

Floor’s yours…

3 thoughts on “Q #184–Has anybody ever done the home delivery of “ugly” fruits and veggies thing, and how was it?

  1. ali redford says:

    I did Thrive. I did Misfits Market, too. I love them both! I stopped Thrive because I found I ended up overshopping, sometimes, between orders and running to the store. With Misfits Market, it became more work than I was either able or willing to do once school started and I went back to work. The selections and pricing were great, I thought. Thing is, this produce needs to be washed and put away almost immediately, being organic, misfit, and surviving shipping. Then it needs to be eaten or frozen/somehow put away if you can’t eat it all. Depending on your schedule, Misfits could be great for you. If you like Thrive, I’d say avoid the “extra” groceries at Misfits and buy from Thrive. Now, it’s been a few years since I bought from either, but that was my experience based on prices for the non-misfit-produce stuff.

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I went ahead and tried Misfits and just got my order the other day. A bit bummed because whoever dropped it off decided to put it at the front door instead of the covered side porch… and then it rained. The box was a bit beat up and because it showed up half an hour after I left for work, took hours before I could unpack it… and that beat up box smashed the tomatoes. Washed everything off because of that (for the most part), but it definitely looked like it came out of the ground pretty recently. You’re right that you’ve gotta take it out of the box pretty fast, but they should strengthen the box a bit better.

      Thrive I tried and then had to stop for a bit, but I’m back on it. The nearest Whole Foods is 35 miles away and I’ve never been, and HEB Pantry has SOME organic stuff, but also a bunch of other junk I don’t need to put in my cart. I like that buying online forces me to confront my budget (a skill I’m trying desperately to get better at). I’m in the “fill the pantry with healthy staples while I have the money” phase, so eventually I’ll whittle it down. I like Thrive Market because it gives me the chance to (more cheaply) try new flavors or alternative proteins and cooking supplies. Got dozens of cookbooks, now I just need the stuff to make what makes me drool in the photos (hee hee).

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