“It’s time for another good idea, bad idea…”

To more precise, it’s a “Thank-you-thank-you-thank-you! We need this so much and have for ages” idea. Then there’s the “Oh, heavens, haven’t you done enough to turn us into a regressive backwater on the world stage already?!” idea.

So, turns out that we’re getting what many have wondered about over the years (and I believe it exists in some fashion already but will roll out nationally: 9-8-8. Of course, 9-1-1 still exists, but the 9-8-8 number will be for mental health and substance abuse issues. I think we’ve all read too many stories of cops being called out for wellness checks and either acting inappropriately (and killing some folks) or not knowing how to diffuse the situation and is basically there to babysit and try to talk to them til someone else comes in. Now, counselors can come do wellness checks instead.

This is a good idea, a VERY good idea, because now cops won’t complain so much that they have too much on their plate to deal with (and in reality, we do call them out for every social inconvenience and shit, whether justified or not… kinda like how teachers seem to be responsible for practically raising other people’s kids when parents decide to drop the ball, and they can’t do it well… hmm…). And the person suffering from an episode or someone who is confused can get the gentle help they need. And there can be a record to help the person if there’s a pattern emerging and they need a better diagnosis (or a first diagnosis for many) to get them the proper steps to take control of themselves. Beau gives a basic primer on what it’s about, a springboard for more info and q’s:

And honestly, this fantastic idea couldn’t come a moment too soon, considering how many folks will likely need it after Roe and the crazy bullshit coming down the pipe.

So, onto the bad bad bad idea. We’re still reeling from Roe’s fall and watching supporters of that move squirm and explain away why a 10 year old must carry their rapist’s baby (or do that disinformation double-talk b.s.). Now you have Ted “The Texas Shame” Cruz (that’s how I intend to refer to him forevermore) on his podcast talking about how the SCOTUS back when overreached when they took gay marriage and relationships out of the hands of the states and it needs to go back to them.

There are a lot of LGBTQ folks who I’ve chatted with online that said “With Roe gone, you can bet they’re coming after our marriages next.” Well, they were right. I mean, yeah, he said it on his podcast, but he’s held these views for ages. Millions in Texas have voted for him because of these views (dammit, folks, you’re making all Texans look stupider every year he’s in office!), and with the punishing judges on the SCOTUS, they may well say “hands off, give it back to the states.”

And you can bet with this emboldened climate, they’ll try to make those old sodomy laws work again and having non-heterosexual relationships will be a crime. I think many of us here could get together and write a book called “How to Turn Your Country into a Regressive Backwater in 30 days or less.” Sheesh.

And honestly, when I see his picture in an article, with his monkey-butt, smug, dumbass face, I wish someone in Congress would punch it.

Article (one of dozens online now):

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz says 2015 Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage was ‘clearly wrong’

By Rebekah Alvey, The Dallas Morning News

9 thoughts on ““It’s time for another good idea, bad idea…”

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Well, certainly segregation on a state by state basis. I hate how with gerrymandering they’ll say “see, this is what the people want” with a rigged game. I’ve never been more disappointed to be an American in my life, and I’ve had plenty of disappointments with the system and the country. I look around me and wonder if people really don’t care or have good poker-faces because they’re raging inside but don’t dare show it. I just don’t know. I’m not the best informed person out there by a long shot, but I’m trying. I just wonder how many others are, too.


    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      That was the best I could come up with because all the expletives I wanted to add would make the moniker too impractical to recall or recite. But also, there’s something about the words “shame.” I don’t know what it is, but I think his tendency to stick around though he seems to be so thoroughly despised just reeks of something foul, more so than usual.

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  1. Rae Longest says:

    Sorry I’ve been out of touch for so long. Many reasons and some excuses. I had this parked in Holds folder and it reminded me we were no longer in touch. I hope to remedy this.
    The post is a good one, the format one which I might copy. LOL good thought/bad thought. It is good to know you are still thinking!
    Are you still reading Dilbert?
    Where are you working now?


    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I’ve been in a lousy funk for a while and just got back online (been getting A/C fixed, generator installed, lots of heavy equipment around and FAR TOO MANY parakeets needing cages and space. The worst is losing a 20 year old e-mail address and having to spend the past few days going through and changing contact info everywhere I can remember. Just got to this site today. Gotta play catchup the next few days, that’s for sure (hee hee).

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