Be well, folks. This is gonna be a battle for our lives (especially cancer patients)…

I was perusing social media when I found a screenshot that hit me hard. It was a text from someone in a VA hospital that calculated and administered chemo to patients. Because of some more draconian abortion laws (never repealed as Roe was in effect, which rendered them moot), some patients won’t be able to get treatment anymore because of the nature of the treatment.

From what it sounds like, if the laws insist that life begins at conception, then women of child-bearing age cannot get the nuclear option for cancer treatment (whether it’s because it might mess with their ability to BECOME pregnant OR if they’re sexually active they may be pregnant and not know it? That’s the part I’m really fuzzy about). At least, that’s what I’m getting from the screenshot post.

I’m going to look into this more and see what’s up. Again, tt’s just a screenshot that someone else found and posted, so I have no other context. But there’s an article I found that hints along similar lines. I’ll put both below. In a nutshell, if you get a cancer diagnosis and are pregnant, odds are some states are not going to let you get cancer treatment (like Michigan’s 1931 “trigger law”).:

The screenshot:

The Article:

How Will the Supreme Court Decision on Abortion Affect People With Cancer?

Know your rights. Ask questions. We need answers more than ever.

7 thoughts on “Be well, folks. This is gonna be a battle for our lives (especially cancer patients)…

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Yeah, hard to find unless you go state by state. Amazing how many laws are on the books that never get repealed but are suddenly center stage when other laws are. Why don’t old laws get repealed? It’s like constantly upgrading your computer and suddenly it gets buggy because some other update way back when is interfering (I periodically deep clean my computer and start it from scratch. Gets rid of buggy installs and old updates that just suck up space.


  1. bobcabkings says:

    Those old laws didn’t get repealed because Roe made them moot and not enough state legislators were willing to vote to allow abortion even if it made no difference.

    There are (even before the Dobbs decision) reports of women being prosecuted for endangering a fetus, or negligently contributing to a miscarriage for taking prescribed medications (notably pain meds and psych meds).

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  2. wolfess says:

    Our first child was born 9 months after my husband came home from Vietnam … and died 2 days later from the cancer that had been growing in him since his body began to form in my womb. When I was 5 months pregnant I almost miscarried, but I called my doctor and he managed to get it stopped. If I had known that our perfect little boy with blonde hair and all ten fingers and toes would die mere hours after he had entered this world I wouldn’t have called the doctor to stop the miscarriage. This took place in Wyoming in 1972, so I wouldn’t have been able to have an abortion, but all these centuries since the day he died I have wished that I had had that choice. I find it truly reprehensible that a group of little boys (and one handmaid) could so cavalierly decide for women like me what we have, or don’t have, the right to do with our bodies. How DARE they even imagine they have the right to take this freedom away from US!

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Virtual hugs, darlin’. I just can’t understand the total lack of empathy on their end, the lack of ability or desire to even TRY to understand the situation and pain they’re putting women (and their significant others) through. How they can so callously dismiss something so complicated (and the fact that thanks to our crap healthcare, childbirth is pretty damned dangerous still compared to other developed nations).
      It’s that coldness that hurts and baffles me the most. I just don’t understand how they won’t see how complicated life is for people outside AND inside their little bubbles, because you know there are plenty of “pro-life” women who’ve had abortions themselves but are in stringent denial or “they had to for X reason so it’s okay,” not acknowledging others should have the choice they had, too. The disconnect is sickening to me.


      • wolfess says:

        I think the pain we are going to go through because of this gargantuan step backward is the point — the brats on the scotus obviously have a gigantic desire to go back to when women were chattel that could be used and abused without a care. I also agree with you about our crap sickcare (can’t call what we have healthcare).
        Keep fighting the good fight my friend!

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