Blitz Q #180: As “pro-lifers” cheer Roe v. Wade’s demise, how do you think they will react to the sudden surge of men making appointments for vasectomies?

This whole Roe v Wade smashing just pisses me off and has left me sour the past few weeks. But at the same time, when I saw this article all over the social media feeds, I started to smile a bit, because I can’t help but picture the faces of the Religious Right and pro-life-birth crowd.

I’ve seen different outlets carrying this article. This one shows from WebMD:

Vasectomy Requests Increase After Roe Ruling, by Carolyn Crist

That’s one thing I haven’t heard much of anything about (other than the occasional man telling his tale about super religious family members berating him for not giving the family kids yet in the childfree subreddits). I bring this up because let’s face it, it’s not just about abortion. Abortion’s the big, scary, obvious thing in the argument about reproduction. And it’s the one the pro-lifers have hitched their wagon to. This is starting the slippery slope (for those of us who want to keep it intact) to having contraception of all kinds taken away. At least, on the women’s side. I’m sure men will still be allowed condoms and Viagra til the end of time.

Oh, wait. Maybe not. And that’s where my question lies.

Honestly, I can picture the religious right pro-birther turning colors in the face, spitting and stammering “But but but… you’re supposed to be fruitful and multiply. It’s God’s plan that you have babies. God wants you to have babies! You’re ruining everything!” in the wake of this realization.

Tantrum - Reaction GIFs

And yes, I’m picturing ugly crying to go with it.

I think they haven’t figured out that not all men want to do the stereotypical thing of spreading their seed and walking out to go elsewhere, since, you know, other than a DNA test, no one’s gonna know if a guy has a dozen illegitimate kids running around (and a pregnant woman can’t hide her condition for TOO long). No, some men want to take responsibility for their own ability to reproduce, now that their potential or current partners’ ability to do so is being terribly hindered.

My thoughts are all over the place (that mental image of the protester just made me smile a bit, but it’s what got me wondering). Do you think they’ll come for the vasectomies pretty soon, or is it just about “putting women in their place” as many folks have been saying for decades?

Anyhoo–what do you think? How will they react?

Floor’s yours…

8 thoughts on “Blitz Q #180: As “pro-lifers” cheer Roe v. Wade’s demise, how do you think they will react to the sudden surge of men making appointments for vasectomies?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Well, the men who actually believe in making as many babies as possible will keep on trying to raise legions of soldiers for whoever (got to make room here for several other breeder religions on the planet, even if some of the so-called Christians would disagree). As for the vasectomy seekers, maybe those same “Christians” would just as soon see them get them and go extinct?

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