Borrowed Q #179: Why does homemade loaf bread look & feel NOTHING like what I find in the bakery or bread aisle at the grocery store?

I’ve been doing some canning (will tell you more about the results later) and taking a step back from that to look for jobs and look at bread recipes, too.

Yes, I’m rather boring these days.

But this question kept popping in my head when I realized if I go back to making bread, I’d better make the smallest loaves or find freezer space to preserve what I do make so it doesn’t go bad.

What I remember, though, from the last time I made a loaf of bread is that it looked fine, but was a bit too crispy on the outside and definitely did NOT feel soft and fluffy on the inside. Tasted okay (was getting used to less sugar) and was tough enough to handle my PB&J.

But it got me thinking: other than the fact that it’s a product of a major industrial process, what are the other reasons why what you make at home vs. the grocery bakery vs. the major sandwich bread makers are so different?

And thankfully, browsing YouTube helped me find some answers… and some more questions.

But this is one to enjoy. I think I’m gonna watch this content a lot more often in the future–great presentation.

And it makes me ask a bonus question: did you ever try to make your own sandwich bread, and did it come out anything close to what you’d get in the bread aisle at the store?

Floor’s yours…

2 thoughts on “Borrowed Q #179: Why does homemade loaf bread look & feel NOTHING like what I find in the bakery or bread aisle at the grocery store?

  1. ali redford says:

    Bonus question answer: Yes, and no.
    We prefer the homemade, but I cannot keep up with family demand. The homemade doesn’t yield the numbers of slices of a store sandwich loaf, plus the guys eat the homemade bread plain with butter as snacks just because it’s there, aside from their regular uses of sliced bread. FWIW. 🙂

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      If you want warm bread with butter, nothing beats homemade. The smell is wonderful. Beyond that… yeah, I’m trying to think what else is possible. I have some “muffin top” pans I’m gonna use for homemade hamburger buns eventually, and some mini baguette pans, too, that I got for a steal (figure make nice crispy subs and I can freeze the rest til needed). But as far as sandwich bread… that’s gonna take some doing. Got tons of recipes, so maybe something will work. I like the idea of having less sugar in my bread when possible, but not added sweeteners in other forms.

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