The “Endurance” Has Been Found, & it’s easily the best looking shipwreck I’ve seen pics of yet

This shipwreck nerd is amazed and pleased, I must say. I had to stay home today and in between restful naps and breaks for tea and meds, I found this story on NPR’s feed. Mind. Blown. Granted, this is one wreck I hadn’t really paid much attention to at all in my occasional forays into shipwreck study, so maybe the find is just that much more surprising for me.

I really wondered if there’d be much if anything recognizable, considering the accounts of how much she’d been battered by the shifting ice and all in the months trapped in the ice.  I figured some planks of wood scattered around the seabed would be about it.

Nope. It seems she sank clean without being bashed to hell on the ice all the way down (that’s how I pictured it, anyway… must’ve been a really well-constructed ship. Looks like the cold water and the ice helped preserve her (makes me wonder if this is what those War of 1812 ships would have looked like 100 years after their sinking in the frigid waters of the Great Lakes). Wow.

As a shipwreck nut, I gotta admit, these pics look amazing (thank you HD cameras, I’m guessing) and downright creepy. Looks just TOO good, really.

But wow. I hope we get to see more in the next few days/weeks/years…

Ernest Shackleton’s ship Endurance, lost since 1915, is found off Antarctica

From NPR’s Laurel Wamsley, Mar 9, 2022.

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