A mile & 3/4 recap: questions from the past year & change…

Every time I hit the quarter mark, I try to compile the lists in case you’re wondering (like I often do) the weird places my noggin likes to take me. Also, considering how the past year and change have gone (and the crazy times before… and more to come), maybe this’ll be a silly little distraction.

So, to make this easy, I’ve linked to the other “quarter mile” stops before this one:

For #001-025, #026-050, #051-075, #076-100

For #101-125, #126-150

And now, the most recent quarter of the bunch (with tons more in my head that I just haven’t put on the page yet… but they’ll come… eventually.

#151–Why do (most) Republicans love to say “The Democrats are going to take your guns?”

#152–Is it better to have fresh vegetables, or cooked vegetables, or “Who gives a damn, just eat your veggies!”?

#153–What’s your thought about “being the bigger person” in most situations?

#154–Blitz Q: Know anyone still using up the toilet paper from the first great toilet paper famine of March 2020?

#155–Is it time to reassess teaching kids that they have to share, especially siblings?

#156–Blitz Q: What’s your favorite Firefly episode?

#157–Borrowed Q: Jan. 6, 2021 was… a “revolution” of what, exactly?

#158–When your sleeping patterns have been interrupted for a while, which is the worse scenario…?

#159–When has something run by the American Government been good for corporations and the people at the same time?

#160–Which is a better squirrel and critter deterrent: sound, light, or water?

#161–How do you make healthy salads (and not get sick of them)?

#162–Why do multi-day headaches always seem to accompany major dietary changes?

#163–What is the best way to get rid of slimy/sticky hands after cutting up melons (because soap doesn’t seem to work that well)?

#164–Is the whole “wellness tea” thing actually a bunch of b.s.?

#165–Blitz Q: Why did Bugs Bunny NEVER take that “left turn at Albuquerque?”

#166–Why do people still fall for business pyramid schemes, & after being exposed, how the hell do many of these companies still exist?

#167–Have you heard of “stroads” and have you given much thought to ’em?

#168–Does the “corporate ladder” still exist, & if so, is it worth pursuing anymore?

#169–When is it actually “appropriate” to “speak ill of the dead?”

#170–Blitz Q: Can you really get rid of psychosomatic symptoms long-term?

#171–Which is the better approach to life in the long run: to focus on the present or focus on the future?

#172–Absurd Q: Who would win this stand-off: Gandalf (LOTR) or The Black Knight (MPATHG)

#173–Are air fryers a good energy-saving alternative to the traditional oven, & are they really worth having?

#174–What the hell is an ASMR video & how many uses do they have?

#175–What makes cabbage weep & how can you stop it from happening?


Happy Reading. More questions to come because that’s pretty much what my life is all about: questioning heaven knows what. Back to reading.

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