Never thought I could hate my own state so much, but Texas insists on becoming a bad punchline to every backwards, off-color national joke.

Yes, I’m gonna bitch about the abortion bill. If that’s not what you wanna read, there’s a whole slew of other things on the net. Go have fun. Anyhoo–

This is not some bad joke I can at least chuckle at. I’m so far from laughing I’m probably gonna end up giving myself another migraine because of the situation.

Weird how I hadn’t heard a smattering of anything regarding this heinous abortion ban (the old May heart-beat bill that’s gotten some teeth somehow–still looking into it) that’s been passed in Texas til some videos started popping up on my YouTube feed last night. And I dove in, getting more and more frustrated and having a terrible, sleepless night.

Before that, the only news I’d really heard lately had been Covid related, hurricanes, school stuff, etc.

Weapons of mass distraction at work. And boy, were we sufficiently distracted, and worn down by all the fighting and negativity in the news.

I wonder how many freaking people around me even know that this is going on (they’re less in tune to the news than me, for the most part). And how many would care, honestly. I do blame myself for not keeping in the know as best as I could the past few weeks. The storms and subsequent power and occasional internet outages made it tricky, but I could’ve done better. Time to make time in the schedule to watch the news each day, or schedule an hour for news digging again.

Dunno how I’ve left that off my to-do list the past few months, but time to rectify that.

If you wanna find out some basic info (from medical and legal standpoints) regarding this law and what’s going to happen (at least, as far as we know at this moment), then I’ll link to two of my fave YouTubers who can give you a good rundown of what’s going on (combined, it just shy of an hour of viewing, in case you want to do more research for yourself and need some info to start):

From OB/GYN “Mama Doctor Jones”:


From Lawyer “Legal Eagle”:

I think me and the half-bottle of red raspberry wine in the fridge are gonna have a date with the couch, the dogs, and sing-yelling to hard rock half the evening. I’m so full of anger right now, and fear for the tens of thousands that can be affected by this law, that I want to hit something.

Angry singing will have to suffice. Texas lawmakers, you suck. Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, SUCK!

I can’t even say “God help us”, and not just because I’ve become an atheist, but it seems stupid to do so when you know a good chunk of those lawmakers were acting through their religious leanings, invoking God and praying for the law to be passed IN THE FIRST PLACE!

May the lawmakers grow empathy and consciences that will stab them in the brain with needles until they retract this terrible thing and apologize like mad through every channel possible.

May (if this is not overturned quickly) the lawmakers’ hands be tied and realize their error if (the universe forbid) one of their own family members suddenly ends up in need of abortion services… only to be denied thoroughly without exception because of the stupid laws they backed in the first place, even with their privilege and power that would let them skirt by laws they deem unnecessary to themselves routinely.

May they get vicious wedgies every day til they die.

… and may my voice and tears hold up long enough to wear me out through song, and abate enough that I don’t drive myself into another stress migraine so quickly after the one I just got over the other day.

One step forward, two steps back. Was just starting to get a little more respect for humanity and wanting to join the human race again, and now this crap happens. I just can’t understand why.

6 thoughts on “Never thought I could hate my own state so much, but Texas insists on becoming a bad punchline to every backwards, off-color national joke.

  1. bobcabkings says:

    I live in North Carolina and heard all about this thing from the get go thanks to NPR (I don’t do TV.) The idea that it wasn’t right smack in everybody’s face and impossible not to know about there in Texas is almost as (maybe more) scary as the law itself. So, just in case they are keeping mum on their other ugliness, here’s a related link about another bill in motion:

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      my buried conspiracy-theorist heart is starting to flutter a bit. I can just imagine that the really dumb-ass arguments for or against vaccines and mask mandates (and it’s polarization) was the perfect, stupid distraction these legislators could’ve hoped for to kind of run this bill through with minimal outcry, and will try and do the same to the trans one you linked (thanks for that). I think that’s becoming the normalizing trend when there’s something that’s becoming unpopular by the public, and yet the legislators want to run it through anyway.

      Ugh–we’re gonna see a lot of deaths through stupidity. Time for me to find (or buy) the no coat-hangers t-shirts I’ve seen. I think Beau had some in his store… which reminds me, I’d better catch up on some of his vids from the past few weeks. Changing work days and migraines wreak havoc on consistency.

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  2. ali redford says:

    I’m sorry. I live in Kansas. You may recall we had a governor-Sam Brownback,when you had Gov. Perry, who certainly paved the way for Gov. Abbott-who said he wanted KS to become TX. We aren’t getting the publicity, but the same things are happening in regard to voting; we’ve had a trigger bill since Trump was inaugurated in 2017. Now I’m gonna finish reading your piece. I had to rush my condolences, full of empathy.

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  3. ali redford says:

    I’d like to borrow part of your entry to recite in the back yard on Monday evening (it’s the Harvest Moon, a full one.) Who knows? I’ll toss in “May they retain 15# of water every full moon, until they die.” Your piece is beautiful, and I’m inspired. Thank you.

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