Q #163: What’s the best way to get rid of slimy/sticky hands after cutting up melons, (because soap doesn’t seem to work that well)?

I went a bit nuts last week when I was at the store and they had sales on all kinds of melons. So, being an impulsive twerp, I bought one of just about every kind I could. Some I weren’t able to use in time (I found myself in the middle of an infestation in my kitchen–thanks summer rains that wouldn’t quit) and my counters were covered with containers and stuff for a few days. And I had to get new containers for some of my staple goods, so then I had to make room for THOSE extras.

I was really wanting that papaya, but it went from looking fine to within 24 hours looking like something that got bruised to hell in no time. One of the mangoes was about the same, so that was two I couldn’t used.

It’s been a busy, interesting week around here.

So, what ended up happening was I FINALLY had enough counter space to get some work done. I had a golden watermelon (damn, it was big), a cantaloupe, a pineapple, a mango, two other types of melon (I think they’re cantaloupe cousins, just slightly different varieties). It took me hours to cut them all up because I had so much, and I made sure to rinse off all my tools and the cutting board (and go throw the massive amount of scraps into the composter several times) in between each melon.

Today taught me three things:

1. I should’ve finished washing all those containers in the sink before starting, because then I would’ve had more sink room to move stuff around. And I could’ve put my over-sink collapsible drain mat/extra counterspace creator there I stumbled on that thing a while back and it’s a damned amazing space-saver… when I remember to use it (facepalm.

2. I really need a bigger wooden cutting board. I love my bamboo one that I’ve had for a while, but considering how big the fruit was, it’s just not big enough. It’s 16 x 12″ and I’ve had it the past several years, but when you’re about to cut up a huge watermelon, it’s not big enough to move parts around for cubing or anything. So, I have to look for another one (and it’s a good idea to have two, anyway).

I do have a granite slab one that’s super heavy and is a bit bigger, but I use that specifically for meats and won’t make exceptions. It’s clean as can be, but nope, not gonna get in the habit of “convenience” like that and someday I’ll end up accidentally cross-contaminating. No thank you.

And last but not least:

3. Ze sticky hands. It’s damned hard to keep my hands clean when all that fruit juice is dripping all over (another reason to get a bigger cutting board, though I had the sense to put a huge dish towel underneath the board to catch the errant mess before it hit the floor). Worse is when I was done, I went to the sink to wash, and no matter how much I rubbed my hands under the water, they were still sticky.

Ugh, I think I remember a reason why I was hesitant to get back to eating more fruit, and especially melons now.

I got the hot water and washed off the knives, the cutting board, and finally my hands. I was rubbing them trying to get that layer of slimy-sticky off and it didn’t seem to work. I got the soap on, still no go. I got dish soap and the scrub sponge, and it didn’t do much. Hell, I got my Gojo cleaner with pumice and it didn’t do much (though my hands smell so nice now, of course).

Washing Hands on Make a GIF

So I just rinsed off the best I could, got a fresh dish towel, and basically wiped my hands–hard–super dry. Of course, that towel is going straight into the wash because I’m paranoid about too much fruit smell around. Makes me think something’s gone overripe or that the bugs are gonna come back in force.

So I went looking online and couldn’t find ANY answers to best ways to quickly clean your hands after cutting melons and getting that slimy stickiness off. It’s not something I’d really heard much about or thought of, and probably not thought of by too many.

Well, if you’ve got something you like to use that kills the stickiness on your hands (other than gloves, I suppose), I’d love to know. It makes me so hesitant to touch anything, and heaven forbid the phone ring while I’m working with a knife and sticky fruits.

So, what’s the best way you’ve cleaned your hands after cutting sticky/slimy fruit like cantaloupe?

Floor’s yours…

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