Wasn’t expecting to see this, & had never heard of a restaurant that’s totally okay with killing you… til now.

For the record, that pic looks tame compared to what I just saw… I think I just saw a glimpse of one of the circles of hell!

Well, maybe the restaurant in question is not totally “okay” with it, but they definitely seem up front with the truth that eating their food could put you in the ground in short order. I mean, I actually stopped eating my cookie and got some more water after just seeing what was on the menu of this place.

And that was before getting into the meat of the subject matter (pun intended? Fielder’s choice at this point.).

Now I had heard reference to “Heart Attack Grill” in the past year or so, but I figured it was a generic description, not an actual place! And it’s apparently been a thing for many years now. So, imagine my surprise when I watched this vid and then did some research. If you’ve never heard of it and it’s reputation, this video below is a good intro to what you’d be getting into.

I had to share this, though, in case you’ve never seen her stuff. I just discovered her a few days ago. She’s Michelle McDaniel from the YouTube channel My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You, a formerly obese person turned trainer who is also a cosplayer and does interesting little skits to intro her topics and play-act with sarcasm. But she has a helluva point with her vids, and I catch myself watching them all the way through, even when I feel that sting in me, telling me that we could all do better for ourselves and our health (especially when I’ve been bad, like the past few days. But that’s why I watch and learn where I can).

I really wish I had half the imagination she has with the encyclopedia of pop cultural references and cartoons she’s got in her head… and the costumes and makeup jobs she can do. Damn. Times like this I wish I was allowed to do theater when I was in school, but I had no ride. Could’ve probably helped me get over my fear of screwing up and stupid stage fright, too. Well, just one more thing to work on on my end.

But I digress…

So far, I gotta say I like her crazy baker character in this one. And wow… I think I just found the biggest thing to make me never wanna eat out again.

Oh heavens, after reading from the Vegas food and fun page, now I REALLY don’t wanna eat out for a while… I’m gonna be sick if I read more. Time to shut it down and try to dream of good stuff, like yummy fresh pineapple and weird bakers that want to kill people and put them in muffins…

Wait, what?

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