I suppose you can officially call me a grand-keet!

I’ve fallen into the habit of calling myself a dog mom, fish mom, bird mom, pet mom when I’ve been out and about and calling them fur babies and the like, but I guess that’s just because of the prevalence of those terms. I have pets, but calling me their mom and they babies just feels weird, like because I’m a woman, I HAVE to be a mother of some type. Well, I have an Ark full of pets. Best way I can think of to call it, and we’re all in this whacky land-boat together.

But I digress, if we were to continue on with the mom title, if I’m a parakeet mom, I’m guessing their babies would make me a grand-keet.

It actually started yesterday, though I didn’t know it. I kept hearing this noise, kinda like a low cricket noise that when I got closer, made it sound a bit like one of my parakeets could have been wheezing. It came and went, so I wasn’t sure if it was something to be concerned about right away, I just kept my ears open.

Made easier because of all the rain, and my current location on the couch. I can hear the chirps quite well right here.

Well, when I went a bit closer, I chose to look in the box from the top and outside of the cage. I really don’t like disturbing the birds because they’re skittish around me and never really let me pet them. I didn’t want to do that, I just wanted to make sure Nana bird was okay. I checked last night and this morning, and then she shuffled aside the last time I opened it, and I saw something pink and wriggly.

And a cracked egg.

I’m a grand-keet! Miss Nana had her first baby break it’s shell and come out.

Well, now I know what that noise is. I was ready to make some phone calls to a vet if it kept going because I couldn’t find anything online to describe it. Of course, it didn’t occur to me to Google newly hatched budgie noises or anything like that.

I’ve had pets my whole life, but have NEVER had a newborn anything in this house. Even my initially-stray dog got fixed at the earliest opportunity, so never any puppies or anything. This is the first pet’s offspring born in my house (not counting freaking rodents that probably had a few generations under my floor, okay?)

So yeah, it was surprising. I was hesitant to try and get a picture, and you can’t get much detail because the box is so tall and I damn well didn’t want to freak them out with a flash, but in the middle is some bright red-pink thing by mom’s wing, and that’s the bird’s head. They look a little creepy at the start for sure, and it’s so damned tiny.


Nana trying to tidy up a bit and keep her other eggs together, moves just enough for me to catch a glimpse of the baby she’s been keeping warm under her belly.

I’ve seen some videos of the life cycle of a budgie from birth to the first month and change, and I am just so amazed when I watch ’em. They look almost freaky, yet cute at the same time.

Kinda like the Minions, now that I think about it.

Seriously, the vid made by one of my fave parakeet owners is crazy good. Very helpful, and neat to see. I’d love to see more pet life cycle vids now.

Life’s gonna get quite interesting for the next couple of months around here. Suppose it’s a good thing I don’t have an outside job to take me away right now (hee hee).

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