Live Green: 52 steps for a more sustainable life, by Jen Chillingsworth

My Copy: 9781787133198

This is a pretty good little book and I was glad that I picked it up. Live Green is all about finding different ways to make your life a little cleaner and friendlier to the environment. From what I could see, I believe Ms. Chillingsworth is a Brit, so there are some things she mentions that if you live in the states, you might not have access to. But there might be alternatives that could work out, or maybe a program you could join to make things work.

This isn’t quite like the Zero Waste thing that has been the subject of TED talks and the like, but it has some similarities when it comes to trying to reduce waste. A lot of what’s in this book is the hidden chemicals all around us, whether in our clothes, cleaning products, furniture, pretty much anything we have because of our plastic-saturated planet. Amazing how so many things you wouldn’t think of are made with crude byproducts, and many things surprised me.

Live Green is a good little resource to help you understand some items you may have in your home or are exposed to that have chemicals, or little changes you can make to stretch your money and reduce your waste footprint. There are also lots of neat recipes for cleaners or making your own soap, and I’m sure I’ll try some things out over time.

Not an expensive book, and a good gift for that person who wants to make changes, but needs a little help to see what can be done. I couldn’t do everything in the book, but there are quite a few things I can try out (and already have).

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