After all this time, I hadn’t figured out what I really wanted to do with my planting. Then I saw this…

Maybe the idea was in the back of my mind, but I’ve wasted a good portion of the day (which I could not afford to do) opening and closing web pages on getting more tree and plant ideas (which I can’t afford to buy right now, anyway). I suppose going out and placing landscaping barrier and mulch around my front-most trees before the rain came back helped me think a little harder what I wanted to do.

And then I caught this article earlier tonight, and knew that if I could find a way (over the course of the next few years, not in a month, dammit… that’s gonna be fun trying to remind myself of that), I’d love to try to make a certified natural habitat in my yard.

I wouldn’t do it in the front–that’s where me and the dogs are the most and I’ve already got trees strategically planned all over, so it would be a bit odd. I do have some spaces I could probably add a few short bushes off to the sides, but directly in front of the house is already taken care of.

But because the trees are so short there, that’s not where I’d focus my wildlife efforts, anyway. I did add some birdbaths under a couple of trees that give a bit of shade but have great visibility to thirsty birdies. Just hope thirsty doggies don’t knock ’em over. My glass-basin ones busted during the winter storm (forgot they were out there and they went bye bye on me. These are light-weight and I could probably afford to get a few more and put them around.

Now I’m trying to focus on attracting pollinators, birds, and as long as I don’t end up with varmints in the house, I’ll deal with a few more animals around. I will have to do some serious consideration (can’t mess up my septic lines or dig in the wrong places, or make it impossible to do leveling or repairs to my house after all), but I want to think of other things that might just help out my little house.

It’s strange what I’m focusing on when I should be writing and doing that, but the outdoors beckons more and more. Maybe my brain’s trying to tell me that my muse will be out there among the flowers and trees, the hummingbirds and the crazy-ass squirrels that just duck and dodge away). Hell, already had one fat bee and a few butterflies visit my sparse pollinator garden and some little plants are starting to shoot up from the seeds. If things get more complicated, I’ll be damned glad I gave away my heavy water hoses today and have my lighter flex-hoses to work with. Too many corners to snag and rip apart landscaping with those big ones.

But the article I found an hour ago made me start writing notes on ideas and things I can do (again over the NEXT FEW YEARS, NOT ALL AT ONCE! Yes, I’ll have to yell at myself in all caps so I don’t end up broke).

And I have a feeling I’ll have some beautiful dreams tonight, of gardens and sweetness, hard work and joy:

How to Turn Your Yard or Garden into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

Now, the pictures in this article are showing some crazy intricate and awesome stuff. Will my back yard look that dense and full? Highly doubtful, but I can take some of these ideas and scatter them around, add a few shrubs or something to appeal to a lot of animals. Maybe even give that ever-vigilant owl (which I’ve seen out at least 3 hours before dark lately, but it’s been overcast) some incentive to stick around because the mice and squirrels will be scampering for food, and he can pick himself out a fuzzy snack. I’ve got almost an acre to play with (considering trees already take a bunch of room in the back, but there are “meadow gaps” I can work with), so why not?

The fun part will be figuring out how to do things as organically as possible. Now I need to look up a good way to organically get rid of fire ants, because that’s gonna be the worst pain in the ass in all of this, and nothing I’ve ever done has worked for long.

But in the meantime, time to drool over plant possibilities.

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