More Capitol officers injured, 1 dead. WTF is wrong with people in this country?

It’s still too new and we don’t know enough yet, but it seems clear to me folks are either high on meth and other psychosis-inducing crap, or high on hate.

I’m leaning toward both, considering the past year and change (and the past four before it).

I just saw this a bit ago and was like, what the hell?

Putin’s laughing his ass off right now, I’m sure. So are all the other buddy-buddy dictators around the world who made The Dump feel so special (til Inauguration Day happened.).

Ugh. Who did this and why? It’ll be days before we get that info straight.

I want to hear that motive, that’s for damned sure.

I just don’t get it. I don’t think I ever will.

I’m sick of saying it, but it’s true.

And though I hate to add to the speculation and all, I wonder if it’s partly because of those “prophets” who insist that Hair Fuhrer will return to power this month… but how a car ramming cops is supposed to fit in that scenario, I dunno.

I have a feeling I’ll be watching developments a little more closely this weekend…

5 thoughts on “More Capitol officers injured, 1 dead. WTF is wrong with people in this country?

  1. buddy71 says:

    News was reporting that he was having work issues and religion issues and that he had stated his allegiance to Islam. Just another crazy person that probably needed to be in an institution but our society has done away with institutions and do outpatient treatment. The officer was an 18-year veteran of the Capital Police. So sad. So sad. ☹️☹️

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Thanks for the extra. Mental issues were at the top of my list, especially when they mentioned him holding a knife. That seems to be weapon of choice for those high as a kite, paranoid and losing it, or both.


      • buddy71 says:

        I could be really cynical and say it’s a good thing they killed the guy because then we won’t have to sit through a court case. But why aren’t police trained to disarm people who don’t have guns instead of shooting them. The only person that loses in a knife versus gun battle is the one that has the knife. Not having seen any video or knowing anything more about what was going on there It just seems that too many people get killed or injured by gunshots from the cops when they don’t have guns themselves and that some sort of training or other type of devices could be used to apprehend somebody like that.

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        • TheChattyIntrovert says:

          I wonder how close were the officers who shot him. Two had already been hit and if they were close to the barricade, the 21 foot rule might apply (considering the killer was ready to go, at that distance, I hate to say, but shooting might’ve been the best option).

          Plus, after Jan 6th and all the threats and the scrutiny the Capitol Police got because of the actions of some officers on the 6th, they were definitely defense-minded.

          I’ve been outside all day, so I haven’t read much up on it. I’m gonna do so tomorrow when hopefully most of the confusion and rumor will be cleared up in the media and we can get a better picture.

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