A defense for not cleaning my sliding glass door so often…

And it’s not just laziness. Seriously, when you’ve got dogs that insist on pressing their noses against the thing or fogging it up with their breath while waiting to go outside–or both–then it takes some doing having to scrub all that slobbery mess off after the sun’s baked it on for a couple of days.

Worse when there’s a squirrel just a few feet away down the steps. Just. Right THERE! And all they gotta do is magically get through the glass to their fluffy prey.

But that’s not the main issue. It’s the poor hummingbirds I’ve been thinking about.

Because of the ample sunshine and the plant rack wasn’t at my back door (wanted ’em to have fresh air and sun instead of just grow lights all the time), I had the blinds all the way back to the wall edge. Plenty of light to see with as I was at the dining room table working on writing prompts.

Well, I started hearing thudding against the glass and when I looked up, I’d see a hummingbird buzzing off. By the third thud, I figured I’d better go pull the blinds over a bit to maybe give a sort of barrier-look to the back door. I just didn’t realize how clean the back door glass looked til then.

Guess Windex does too damned much of a good job. Poor wildlife who just wanna fly around in pretty places.

Bird Hit Window GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

Of course, the bottom two feet look like a mess of smears and nose-prints from my fuzzy ones. But the birds don’t fly down that far, from what I’ve seen… probably the reason why.

So, maybe it’s good to let the pollen stick to the outside and fuzz up the glass a bit, letting the birds see the barrier easier.

And maybe not bother wiping up where the dogs press their faces as much either. When I’m outside on the porch and my retriever-mix is waiting for me, if a big enough bug or butterfly floats in front of the glass, I’ll see that golden snout just “boop!” right against the glass like a snake strike. Poor thing always looks confused as hell afterward.

Randy Johnson Hits a Bird on Make a GIF

Not as confused as poor Randy Johnson was that day, I’m sure. What a crazy-ass coincidence.

This week’s intense re-organizing things and cleaning wherever I can has confused my poor animals, especially when their favorite crash-pads have all moved or been temporarily exchanged. I think the glass thing is just the last observation.

Besides, when I’m cleaning, I’m not hanging out petting them or feeding them or hanging nectar and plants up for the hummingbirds or talking to them in my garden.

Yeah, saving that 10 minutes a weekend will be worth it… long as I can stand that pollen, anyway.

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