Had a reason to try out my acupressure foot mats today… and they were SO worth it.

I’d tested them out before a couple of times when I first got them a couple of months ago, but I guess it really wasn’t all that helpful, or my feet felt fine, so it just felt like I was putting undue pressure for some reason I couldn’t understand.

But after several days outside, walking around half-muddy, half solid ground, in and out of potholes… let’s just say my feet took a beating in my non-slip garden shoes. Even my new gel insoles weren’t enough. I do think they let me at least keep walking around until I was ready to collapse into my chair.

After a couple of hours outside, walking around and hauling dirt and the like, I got the dogs and kinda winced my way to the couch, kicking those shoes off. My feet kept throbbing and I felt that rubber band pull of tension over the top of my foot, which NEVER leads to anything good. And then I remembered my mats.

I have a few different types. The REALLY sharp ones that roll up or are like head pillows I haven’t been brave enough to try, but maybe next weekend. These are interlocking rubber surfaces of raised bumps, with a taller mound in the middle. I always took that to be the spot where your inner arch would sit and be massaged into compliance.

Acupressure Foot Mats Health Care Foot Reflexology Walking ...

I’m sure there are far superior versions out there, but with minimal info as far as what to do and why, I figure I’d do with what I could get. And it worked out fine, to me.

Well, I put the mats together and took off my socks, and I rested my feet on them at first, driving my feet a little harder down onto the mat just to get a feel. I relaxed ’em after a few seconds, then slowly stood up and put my full weight on the mats.

Now, did it hurt? Yeah, a little, but it went away quickly. It was a new sensation and let my feet start losing the tension they’d been feeling the past half hour or more. I did that a few times over the course of an hour, while I was checking on my computer and getting some small errands done. Any time I had to stand up to get a water refill, or pick up a phone, I’d take a minute to get on the mats and really flex.

And it felt good. It’s like going to get a massage by those who are gonna dig in deep. Sure it freaking hurts, but it’s so temporary compared to what you’d been carrying around the past days or weeks as far as strain and tension go.

I am definitely glad I got those things. Eventually the throbbing died down and I was able to walk around my house in a mostly-normal way as opposed to barely toddling through the pain. And the problem pain areas on the side of my right foot went to something more manageable, and even that doesn’t feel like much. For some reason, it’s always the pinky to arch area of my right foot that has this incredible feeling of a rubber band about ready to pop if you do much more with it.

And after a fierce massage with some lotion to really warm up the feet and make them feel better… that was something good.

I guess I found a new cool-down and relax ritual for these kinds of days.

5 thoughts on “Had a reason to try out my acupressure foot mats today… and they were SO worth it.

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Amazon. Just look for acupressure foot mat and there are oodles of ’em. the mat and pillow set are VERY sharp and I haven’t tried them yet, but the foot mat is just hard bumps that hit those sensitive spots just right. Works pretty good if you can’t quite dig with your fingers into those trouble spots–you can roll your feet a bit and let your weight do the pressing for you. They helped release that tension in my upper foot the past two days. I dunno why that happens, but it makes me feel like I’m gonna REALLY hurt if something pops.

      they don’t cost very much. I’m going to try the mat and pillow set eventually, probably next week when I start using my home gym again (too much junk in the way the past few months). that’s going to be painfully interesting, I can tell.

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