Shifting into gear & changing… well, everything, really. New beginnings on the way.

Had a milestone pop up, or rather, a half-mile. My half-birthday cropped up a few days ago and it got me thinking hard about ways to get things changed up around here, and changed up for the better.

I went online and looked hard at possibilities to further my education. I had a little in reserve to take some continuing education courses and maybe get some skills under my belt that I’ve lost or been lacking in. Got a few online course bundles to work on in the next few months, and hopefully I’ll continue a little further down that path. I was tempted to sign right up for classes on non-profits and how to get into them or manage them, but there are a few other things I felt I need to work on first, like getting my writing and research chops back… or at least stretch those thinking muscles and remind me of what I used to love.

I do find it a bit disappointing that when in doubt, I seem to have to run back to some sort of class setting to get things taken care of, to learn and grow. I’d hoped I’d get away from the needing-the-classroom mentality, but it hasn’t come about yet. When in doubt, I have to take a class of some type. And the first ones I’m taking have to do with small businesses.

For years, I’d thought of businesses I’d like to have. Right now, I want to start a way to make a living from home (especially with what’s all going on in my state). And how to get my confidence back and start writing beyond blog posts and journaling. I want to stop stalling and get to a point where I will actually send things out.

Even if the small business means freelance writing, some of the things in the classes I’ve found will help with the financial side of things and how to get that organized, which I need anyway. I have plenty of books, I’m sure, but there’s something about trying things out and then being able to ask a flesh and blood person some questions to clarify, not make notes and Google it later.

Then there’s other types of writing work I hadn’t thought of before, but that’s all for later. I’ve got to save some money after that hefty tax bill I’m sending out, like everybody else.

But this year I’m working on many goals. I am waiting for the ground to dry up some more and I will be working outside before the rains come again this weekend, getting sand out to patch up holes and building that raised bed. I’m hoping to get my inspection soon, because I have oodles of questions to ask the septic inspector, when they decide to call me back and show up. I want to find out more about gardening and how to protect and make a bigger crop I can donate or sell as time goes on.

I’m dreading and excited in shifts by the amount of work that would take, but I have to remind myself to do what I can now, but save the heavy lifting for next year when I’ve learned as much as I can from this growing season.

And then there’s music. Two days ago, I started playing again. I played a little piano and guitar for the first time in several months, and I intend to make it a ritual. I want this to be fun and to improve. I want to be that person who can go into a music store, pull a guitar off the wall, plug it into an amp, and play some things to get a feel for the instrument without feeling like a wannabe, an idiot, or like I just suck in general. I want to have the confidence, because with that will come the confidence to be in front of other people I know and learn to filter out distractions.

I don’t want to be that ‘bedroom player,” who is great in private but never lets anyone hear them. Music’s meant to be shared, dammit.

And with that, I got to thinking (after drooling over some pics) that come my next full birthday, if I’ve accomplished many of my goals and started making my own income again (and enough for it to matter), then there’s one of two possible guitars I’d been thinking about.

I had no idea there was a popular luthier in Houston that made guitars. No idea what the prices are on ’em, but if they were affordable (even if pricey-affordable), I’d love to go to Marchione Guitars (I’d love a chance to tour if it’s possible and see how it all goes) and see about getting one of theirs. No idea on prices (range about as much as any other guitars out there, I’m guessing). I just think it’s neat that I had never heard of this brand (til an article came out regarding strings and these instruments), and they’ve made guitars for Mark Knopfler, Mark Whitfield, Paul Simon, Vernon Reid and many others.

I’d never heard of a baritone guitar before, but when I was browsing the website and saw it, I thought it was interesting. It got me doing some digging, and it is definitely a unique instrument. I gotta say, I wouldn’t mind dropping some coin on something that could give such sound.

And then there’s this one that came up in an article. Never bought a Martin & Co. in my life, and damn sure never dropped the amount they’re asking for on this instrument, but it’s powerfully tempting to get the first modern plastic-free guitar (supposedly) that’s going to be made available in the next few months. Of course, the artwork on the guitar made my tree-hugging heart drool.


I’d have to wait a few years, likely, to afford it… but a girl can dream. I just don’t know if I’d want another basic acoustic. I already have 1 regular acoustic and 2 acoustic-electrics. Would probably have to sell one or two of those to make it viable, or I’d have to be rolling in so much dough I’d make sure I had room for a dozen more guitars for the hell of it and it wouldn’t matter.

So, I’ve got some things to work toward in the coming weeks and onward, as usual. And in this case, with the weather being the way it is, I definitely have to get the ball rolling on a tidy house and better organization. I can’t wait til my space saver vacuum bags come in and I can put more clothes away and really re-organize and make my closets more useful and my dressers not filled to bursting anymore.

It’s gonna be interesting, and I can’t wait to learn in the next few weeks… and do something with what I’ve learned.

2 thoughts on “Shifting into gear & changing… well, everything, really. New beginnings on the way.

  1. Rae Longest says:

    I’m taking an online course right now in the History of Graphic Design and learning soooo much. It was a course I was auditing back when the pandemic shut everything down and left me holding the bag with 2 classes and no idea of how to teach online. Fast forward to this spring semester…I picked it up again and am enjoying it immensely. I guess you’re never too old to learn!

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