Entergy is asking those in Texas that have power to curb usage to help stretch electric resources.

I got the text about an hour ago from Entergy, the big energy company down here:

We request limited electricity usage due to present extreme cold weather immediately, including turning off electric water heaters and lowering heating thermostats [sp] settings. Insufficient reductions may require temporary interruptions of electric service. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to restore our system to normal grid operations as soon as possible.

So, after reading that, I thought it was a good idea. I didn’t even think about the fact that it meant no hot shower tonight, but I tend not to take one every night, anyway, so there. But I also thought of other ways I could cut the electric usage during this time. I swore I wasn’t gonna do any laundry or run the dishwasher til the power grid was up (those do suck up the most energy around here, other than the A/C, which definitely ain’t gonna get used).

I went to the breaker box and cut off the water heater, dishwasher, washer and dryer. My thermostat’s been around 62 or 63 degrees, so I’m a bit chilly, but in layers and compensating nicely with blankets, so I let it be. I didn’t want it anywhere near 68, because then after coming in with the dogs from outside, it feels way TOO hot and I don’t feel good at the drastic change.

I wonder how many others will cut off some appliances and the like for the evening, or maybe next few days. As I’m at home and can’t go out to volunteer or really help anyone, I’m just gonna keep informed and do the best I can here. I tend to use minimal lights in the house anyway (got oodles of windows so daytime is generally taken care of with maybe a lamp or two on cloudy days). The only lights I have on belong to the aquariums, the bird space in the kitchen, my living room (where I’m typing) and my grow-lights I turned on for my seed trays. Outside lights are on just for safety, in case a neighbor needs something, and they don’t have to bust their ass on the ground in the dark.

Ooh, now Entergy’s asking it to go til at least midnight so the system doesn’t crash from overloads while they try to bring more systems online. KTRK-13 just reported it as I was typing this.

For those who can, do what you can. Fingers crossed this gets resolved quickly for everyone, because there’s more to come.

7 thoughts on “Entergy is asking those in Texas that have power to curb usage to help stretch electric resources.

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I’m not in a bad position myself, I’m more hoping others do what’s necessary and bundle up and cut some of their electricity use so as not to tax the grid any more than they have to. Power overloads that shut us all down aren’t gonna do a lick of good. Do what we can to make it better for all, right?

      Of course, this is also an area where a ton of people whined and griped about wearing face masks the past almost year or refused to (sigh).

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        • TheChattyIntrovert says:

          Every time I hear the word “de-regulation”, I get twitches remembering what I read about the Enron situation, the California blackouts, etc. Companies are out to make money, and it’s at our expense. And when you have a blasé attitude about an approaching storm, yeah, that’s not a good thing.

          I get that a good part of the system would be down for maintenance and the like because of the time of year and need to prep for summer. It makes sense. But there should’ve been emergency plans in place. They got complacent because the winter’s almost over and weren’t prepared. But we’re all paying for it now.

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  1. buddy71 says:

    Now you kind of know how we feel here in California when the winds and the fires are going and the electric company starts cutting off our power and does rolling blackouts etc etc etc. When they cut off my power I have no way to get water because I’m on a well and it’s an electric pump. At least I have a gas stove. And a couple generators. I wish you good luck be safe and stay as warm as possible and hope your pipes don’t freeze.


    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Thanks. I’m on electric and well water, too (out in the sticks). We spent most of Monday trying to thaw out pipes and when mine were good, I was helping my neighbors out. Definitely odd to do on the coldest day, but we were passing buckets and little stuff around. Yesterday was no power for a few hours, so more helping out going on. Today was rain and a little warmer, just too slick (though lots of folks on the road–too scary to think about).

      We’ve have outages at odd times and in other storms that lasted hours, but this one for winter is crazy and persistent for far too many people. I worry more about others with health issues and bursting pipes, and just want things to get fixed so no more folks die of exposure. There’s something insane about dying of exposure to freezing cold in Houston of all places. Heat stroke is something we have learned and dealt with, not this. That’s what makes it so sad to me.

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