Blitz Q #158: When your sleeping patterns have been interrupted for a while, which is the worse scenario…?

I’ve pondered this one for years and still can’t make up my mind on which would be worse when you’ve had lousy sleep for a week or so, and then one morning either:

A. You wake up, and you’re wide awake. Not a trace of sleepiness, must’ve been a deep sleep. You’re awake enough that you won’t be needing the alarm, let alone the snooze button. You’re already ready to get up and start the day… only to look at the alarm clock and realize your alarm isn’t supposed to wake you up for at least two more hours.


B. You get to sleep, and you wake up slowly (or at least your normal wake-up without the alarm) and when you look at the clock, you realize it’s only five minutes til the alarm makes you flirt with cardiac arrest. You finally get decent sleep, but couldn’t have those five minutes, too?

I’m torn between them. I think B affects me the most, personally, because I’m dozing and then that racket starts and I could’ve used a few more minutes of decent deep sleep…but A is really damned frustrating, too.

Just figured I’d ask, because I wonder how often this has happened to other people and how you feel about it when it happens (A or B).

Of course, there’s also:

C. (whatever odd pattern you’ve run into that also sucks).

Floor’s yours…

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