Getting past a week of migraines through rest, yard work, & glasses… who knew?

I’ve been offline the past several days because I had a hard time concentrating through the pain. I hated it because I wanted to read posts and catch up on what has been happening. Well, some interesting things helped knock my migraines and eye pain out, things I didn’t expect.

When I couldn’t stand looking at a computer screen or TV for another minute, I gave myself a day of rest doing other things. That helped immensely and I was only online long enough to order some computer glasses. Otherwise, the weather was nice enough (lots of faulty weather reports indicating it was gonna rain any day), and I ended up taking my time trying to clean up my yard.

So, a day or two of rest and getting small chores done.

And then two or three days of doing some yardwork a few hours at a time.

That definitely helped me out. Once I didn’t feel dizzy all the time, I went out to trim tree limbs and burn them, and cleaned up some of the debris blown into the yard by that last big windstorm. That took some time and my muscles were pleasantly sore for once (as opposed to the soreness that makes you think if I so much as move that joint an inch I’m gonna scream). I did some light work and even though I was impatient to get more done, I listened to my body and worked for a while and then took a long break, then went back out with the dogs. They sure loved being out with me, and I loved that I wasn’t too sore to play or talk with neighbors.

Yeah, I should listen to my body more. I know if I overdid the outside work, that would’ve brought back my migraines like a punishment.

And boy was I happy a couple of days ago when my computer glasses came in. I had to do some comparison shopping a few days before I finally settled on some basic, cheaper ones. I was shocked at the first ones I saw that were over $100 a pair. Sheesh! I’ve never paid that much for a pair of glasses in my life, whether safety or sun (thankfully I don’t need reading glasses… yet). These were around $25, so I got two (one for my desk computer, one for the TV in easy reach). I don’t want to risk losing these by walking around with them all the time, so I figured leave ’em where I need ’em.

g1 optimus prime on Tumblr

It took a while to get used to them, and I kept wiping them down because of the bit of glare on them at first. But I wore them about 20 minutes a pop, would do something else, come back and wear them some more. They definitely work great during the day, and with all the false light in here at night, if I look just right, the frames cut the glare going right into my eyes. It just takes getting used to.

And I learned something in those two days of initial trying: I have been compensating for the intense brightness and glare for far too long. I had to consciously tell myself to just keep my eyes open normally so they can adjust through the glasses. I’d taken to keeping my eyes part closed (not totally aware of that) just to cut the brightness and glare of the screens. And that was causing some major headaches there.

I’m just glad I figured out something useful that I can work on, and that when I get back to working on the computer more often, it won’t hurt so badly because that awful blue light will be diminished greatly. They’re not the crazy orange ones, just lightly tinted yellow that you barely notice, but when looking at a computer screen with lots of blue, oh yeah–you definitely notice the color difference.

I’m spending tonight working on plans to clean up the garden some more. I got a great head start earlier in one of the beds when I chopped up and pulled weeds (and sprinkled ant killer granules around). there was one plant that had vines like crazy. I’m trying to remember if it was a jicama or rutabaga, but I dug down to see if there was anything in there. I found one basic potato sized one that I’d accidentally cut into, and started digging more carefully. And I kept digging. It was funny because I found some that were so skinny they almost looked like crooked carrots… and then there was the big one. I swear, I had to have dug down about a foot and a half, pretty much to the bottom of the bed and worked it loose. That vegetable came out about 14″ long and 5 inches at the widest point.

I couldn’t believe how that happened to work out. That vine that was going all over the place should’ve clued me in that something big was under there, but I guess I didn’t think that hard. Now I gotta dig through my recipe books and hose the tubers off nice so I can figure out how to cook them to the best of my ability.

Studio Ghibli Food GIFs Will Make You Hungry | Kotaku ...

That’s in my plans for tomorrow night. There are too many ants and weeds around to really do much with the beds, but I can clean them up and lay fresh topsoil down (and garden supplements) and let the soil mix together and sit a bit. I’d set up my new compost tumbler next to the old one and can empty the one out to mix with and prep the soil. I’m definitely going to take more time planning this time around. I don’t want to lose a bunch of seeds this year, and along the fenceline closest to the trees, I’m planting some climbing roses so the little critters will have to contend with them. I was tempted to tear down that ugly-ass cattle fence I’d put around, but then realized that that will only make it easier for them to carry out melons and such if there’s no barrier at all. As much as I like watching birds and squirrels, I don’t want to see one carry off one of my baby watermelons again. Not this year, dammit.

I’m calling this an exercise in patience. I’ve done so little the past few months because of my “all or nothing” bad habits. Well, doing a bit at a time (and knowing that when I learn more, I can expand later) is the best policy, and will get my creativity going again. I have so many seeds right now that it’s ridiculous, but in no way am I going to try to plant them all. I just need to pick a few to start with each season and focus on those. When I get better (and actually get to eat what I’ve made, I can expand next year.

I have to remember that. I get so caught up in the doing that I don’t think about how it’s actually going to work out… and then all that money goes to waste. I can’t keep doing that. I had my one season of experimentation and now I have a good idea of where I’ve messed up the first time around, so I can avoid it this year. The tough part is going to be figuring out how to go with the seasons–when one finishes, how best to begin the next.

But again, that’s for tomorrow, along with some other things. The only thing I hate about this weather is though it’s pretty outside, it’s cold in the morning and then within an hour you’re starting to shed layers until you’re in a light jacket and shorts (and the jacket’s just because of the shade or occasional breeze). The dogs like to go pee when it’s crazy cold, so I have to change clothes three times a day, and I hate that. At least my cold clothes haven’t gotten dirty, so I can be lazy and wear ’em several mornings in a row without concern. Anything to stave off more laundry.

So, things have been looking up, they just took a lot more time than I expected they would. And now I can get back to reading and learning online, because this country is on an odd rollercoaster of emotions and I’m trying to sort out the rumors.

Be well, all.

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