Borrowed Q #157: Jan 6, 2021 was… a “revolution” of what, exactly?

This is just a small question in a fabulous post by the great John Pavlovitz written two days ago. I had to think of what was bugging me (other than everything) about the “Tit Offensive” as some have called it (“Beer Gut Putsch” works, too).

But that’s what I found disconcerting, because from my understanding, this was an attempted coup, NOT a revolution. I honestly think the ones participating in this action don’t know what a revolution is, compared to a coup or other actions meant to disrupt or destroy governments.

But I had to read this one over and over again, because it paints the picture of the disgust I feel better than I could do it myself right now. Lack of sleep and anxiety are catching up with me. I doubt I’ll get a peaceful night again until after the inauguration.

But honestly, if this was a revolution…then a revolution of what?

One of the great questions Mr. P asks:

John Pavlovitz, “A Nothing Revolution,” Jan 10th, 2021.

3 thoughts on “Borrowed Q #157: Jan 6, 2021 was… a “revolution” of what, exactly?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    It seems to me that the main, perhaps only thing those people agree on is that Trump is the rightful President and the only President they want for as long as possible. As for what they would expect or want the country to become, most have no clear idea, no clear ideology, and what they do have is mostly fantasy and grievance. And among those who do have clear plans, they amount to nightmares and chaos.

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