Narcissism is a weapon, & storming the Capitol building in D.C. was a result…

I hadn’t paid much attention to the news the past few weeks–just too tired and focused on health issues. So imagine my surprise when I get back to it two days ago, and all the stations had breaking news about the attempted takeover and trashing of the U.S. Capitol building!

Of course, the event’s been thrown labeled other things by detractors because of it’s unsuccessful conclusion (The Tit Offensive is probably my favorite, forgot where I saw it).

But there’s a video I had to watch from one of my favorite YouTube channels that got into the confusion and questions I had. His name’s Dr. James Grande and this video deserves a watch. He’s usually in another location, but his deadpan humor during his analysis is the same as ever.

Mob mentality and the cult of personality. Dangerous shit.

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