New Year’s Plan: One chore a day (or an hour a day for big stuff)

I’ve fallen behind on plans just because I look around and there is so much to do. And some of it depends on the weather. I’ll be spending this weekend cleaning everything I can in my house (and because all my neighbors are popping off fireworks half the night, why not start now?) But after that, there’s some long-term chores I really need to try to tackle in between basic “try to keep things clean again.”

I’m definitely a procrastinator, and have had trouble getting things started  and finished when a whole load of things overwhelm me. Not new info, I know, but I spent some time thinking this week about how I can make getting things legitimately done a lot easier… and keep cleanliness as a new, positive habit I don’t have to think about.

Most of my concerns aren’t in the house itself, but all around. When I go out into the garage, or the shed and see the messes and unfinished projects, I cringe. I need to get things done so I don’t have to fret about them anymore. That should be easy, and yet more things keep getting added to the pile so I just let ’em sit there. It stinks.

So, I figured that I need to dedicate an hour to a major chore beyond basic cleaning. And up to one hour (if I’m keeping things clean and am smart, it shouldn’t take that long eventually) per day to clean up a different area of the house. There are some outside chores I have to take care of, like filling holes in the yard or clearing out and prepping my garden. Of course, if it’s pouring down rain or super muddy, I need to have a “bad weather chore” to take its place.

I haven’t gotten too far because I am like, “yay, the temp and the weather are good, so let’s get to work” only to be automatically overwhelmed with the myriad of things I have to do. I am cowed by the tasks ahead of me before I pick up a shovel or storage box.

So, I figure one day at a time, one thing at a time. That small victory will bring on others, because I have far too long dealt with a “gotta get it all done or you failed” mentality. So, one thing that must get done, at least for an hour. If it’s a multi-day project, like filling in holes in the yard or repairing my foundation pad thanks to rain and erosion, then spend an hour a day getting the fill dirt in the wheelbarrow and take care of it.

Or organizing storage spaces in the garage and shed. Take a section and spend an hour doing it, or find a good, safe stopping point (whichever comes first). Mark it as partly done and put it on the list again for the next day. And do that until it gets done. I have to take this approach because not being able to look away from the big picture, and feeling like a failure because I’ve run around in circles and not accomplished anything have interfered with my job goals. They’ve become a distraction, and going to be a damned costly one if I can’t get a grip and get things done.

I will have to make a legit workday while at home, waking up at the same time each morning, getting exercise and the like. I’m using this weekend to help me tweak it into something workable and see where the weak points are that will make my procrastination rear its head too easily.

I think I can make this work. If anything, it’ll help me learn patience. That has been probably my biggest weakness in much of my life. My impatience has cost me time, money, and everything else. Even if the schedule doesn’t work quite so well, if my ability to be patient has strengthened significantly, I’ll still call that a win.

Be well, all, and hoping 2021 is a far better year to come.

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Plan: One chore a day (or an hour a day for big stuff)

  1. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy Tally!

    If it weren’t for procrastination, I wouldn’t read or blog as much as I do. The more things pile up, the more I read and blog. You know it’s important! See? I’m accomplishing something.

    The experts do tell us, though, to divide up our tasks into smaller more manageable and less intimidating steps, so it sounds like you’re on the right track at least according to them. It never really worked for me. I knew what they were doing, and they weren’t going to trick me into getting something done! Ha!


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      • CalicoJack says:

        Howdy Tally!

        One step at a time. A little here and a little there adds up to something. I guess. As long as not too much time lapses between doing the little bit here and there because if it does, you’ve pretty much just started over. So, you know, there are caveats. But, you’ve got this as long as the caveats don’t catch you.



    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      headache and dizziness have kinda made it hard to work on, but I’ve done a little here and there. Right now, getting a load of dishes done, or a table cleared off is a minor victory. Probably going to have to see a doctor about this soon. It’s really disconcerting how this feels. At least allergies and stuffy lightheadedness I am familiar with and can handle, annoying as it is.

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