I’m going to have to say goodbye to the humble potato…

While I’m pleased my first pot roast came out just fine, it seems I might not be able to enjoy it terribly often in the future. Mainly because I like having pot roast over mashed potatoes like always in life.

This week, though, revealed that the food gods have decided to laugh at me and I realized, after not eating potatoes for a while, that the lethargy, brain fog, and today’s stomach cramps were most likely a result of having potatoes as a staple in my main meal again.

That also could explain the crap feeling I’ve had generally–digestion wise–over many years that’s just made things worse over time. I’m sure it’s not just the fact that they were mashed, because my tendency to eat a bunch of fries up to a couple of months ago led to the same awful feelings.

But honestly–potatoes? It just HAD to be potatoes?

I’m sure there are other things I haven’t yet put my finger on that are affecting my digestion, and this is just a theory… but because of the starch content and suggestions to reduce carbs, I’d been trying to cut them out of my diet (and hoping to keep to it). Until this week, when I added them in for my pot roast.

Potatoes have been a staple in my life. I’ve always had them around. I’m sure the part of my blood that’s Irish is bellowing in rage right now, but it can’t be helped. I didn’t start feeling this lazy and irritable so quickly til I started eating the roast and potatoes.

Damn, damn, damn.

At least sweet potatoes don’t seem to be bugging me much (whew!) because I don’t wanna give up all types of ground nugget veggies as I call ’em. But honestly, there aren’t all that many recipes I’ve had that predominately feature potatoes. They’ve just always been there, whether baked, mashed, or fried as is most common. Trying to get away from the fried and loaded variety has given me a bit of energy… but my taste buds love potatoes.

I hate the disconnect between taste and stomach lining. Dammit.


Just one more thing that goes with getting older–your body just doesn’t want to deal with stuff and will let you know very loudly and all at once one day to wake you up. Happened with lactose intolerance, and seems to be ringing clearly with potatoes. It just took me today to notice that other than the past few days of pot roast and potatoes, I hadn’t had potatoes in weeks.

Good thing I figured I’d better cut down and stopped buying too many more potatoes of any cooking style last time I went to the store. Now I have to re-think some cooking ideas and styles for the next few weeks, and maybe figure out a few other intolerances that might crop up thanks to specific recipes that leave out certain foods.

Still, the potato? No more potatoes?

Then again, potatoes prepared in any particular way have always troubled me, namely in my ability to stop eating them. Guess I can be glad I never really was much for potato chip; too salty most of the time. Avoiding potatoes may well help me drop some serious poundage, so that’s a plus I have to keep in mind and work toward.

It’s an interesting (though slightly painful) learning curve that’s been going on the past week as I’ve started to cook more. Wonder what else is coming around the corner.

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