Blitz Q #156: What’s your favorite Firefly episode?

I’ve spent days with a foggy brain when I wasn’t cooking or shoveling fill dirt around my house. Probably the only thing that made me excitable (other than my first successful pot roast) was having YouTube videos on. What got me out of it–at least a little while–was something I’d never watched before: First viewing reaction videos.

I never thought I’d like these vids because I worried about excessive talking and them missing great lines or scenes because of it. But some were fun to watch because it felt like time travel: I felt like I was a first-time viewer myself and I wondered how much they’d laugh or scream or just be blown away by what was happening.

So, what did I end up watching reaction vids about the most, and by many different first-time viewers? Firefly.

Firefly is probably THE show that I never saw when it first came out (was working all the time, especially Friday nights), but in the years after, when I met some new people for classes or games, I’d get a few who would look at me with a puzzled expression and ask “Have you ever seen Firefly?” When I replied “no,” they said that I’d totally love it and there was a character I seemed a bit like.

I’m still wondering who they thought I was most like from that show (not looks-wise). I’ve narrowed it down to Kaylee or River… and I’m not sure what it would mean either way (hee hee).

And when I got the DVDs about 8 years ago… I certainly loved it. And like others who found the show, I was pissed that they never even got a full season. Clearly ahead of their time (and one of my fave ensemble casts ever). All the episodes were pretty interesting, varying in tone and arcs. Something different for everyone to like.

I can’t pinpoint a #1, because it depends on my mood. My top 3, though, would have to be:

A. “Serenity” (the original pilot, ep 1): I love how it takes its time getting us sucked into the universe Whedon built and introducing us to these characters and how things could be 500 years in the future. It didn’t take long at all to get a gist of this ‘verse and still have a ton of mystery to play with, character and plot-wise. Lovely setup for what should’ve been seasons worth of material.

Of course, such a long pilot scared the crap out of the FOX execs back then, starting the whole “let’s show it all out of order” crap, but oh well. Being able to watch them in intended order is why I love TV on DVD.

B. “Out of Gas” (ep 8): full of flashbacks about how the initial crew of Serenity came to be with a focus on Mal, who is trying to get his ship working again as time’s running out. I love the transitions and the storytelling… and I’ll admit I’m practically in love with Mal… so yeah.

C. “Heart of Gold” (ep 13): It was a tossup between this one and “Shindig” (ep 4), but because of the setup and stakes, the more complicated differences between respectable jobs versus not (companions vs. whores, mostly), a rich twerp exercising power over most of a poor planet… stuff like that. It feels more like a short movie, and I got a totally Unforgiven vibe in this one (albeit with much more humor). And don’t kill me, Inara fans, but I liked Mal’s and Nandi’s scenes together… interesting chemistry and great dialogue.

So, those are the big ones. Today, Out of Gas kinda nudges the others slightly behind it… but like all my lists, it’s subject to change.

Are you a Firefly/Serenity fan? Did you have a fave character and/or episode? Do you think the movie did a good job wrapping things up, even though there were seasons worth of material? What did you want to see more of if you could?

It’s been a crap year, figured it was a good time to geek out a bit.

Floor’s yours… because I can’t sleep and am gonna end up reading Mal-centric fanfiction and listen to the soundtracks and the Bedlam Bards tribute album (seriously, I’m a sucker for good playing and they’re Big Damn Fun to listen to).

9 thoughts on “Blitz Q #156: What’s your favorite Firefly episode?

  1. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy Tally!

    YES! I am a “Firefly” fan and am totally peeved that they did that show so wrong and no one will revive it. There’s not even a Lego’s version of it!

    Unfortunately, it has been so long that I have long since forgotten specific episodes. i do remember one with a chase in it that ended up with them literally flying into Serenity and a firefight ensuing and some creature or other thought dead coming to and something . So, there’s that.



    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      that sounds like them leaving their bank robbery job at the beginning of the movie Serenity and a Reaver suddenly popped out of the wreckage. Of course, great Mal’s crack-shooting ensued (hee hee).

      It was funny when I first watched all of Firefly. I was probably half-way through the season when my dad got interested and wondered what the hell I was watching. So, I started it over for him and when we got about where I stopped the first time, I told him they never finished the season or series and he thought that was a sucky decision. But I told him they made the movie to kind of tie up all the loose ends and he made me order it (was planning on it anyways). It showed up by the time the last episode went through the DVD player and he put it in right away. And for the next two weeks, the only thing on TV was Firefly episodes and Serenity in a constant rotation.

      Liked by 1 person

      • CalicoJack says:

        Howdy Tally!

        That’s right! There was a movie. I may have to go back and rewatch it all again. Sometimes the hardest thing of the day is trying to find something worthwhile to watch from all of the choices. Is this really better than having three commercial broadcast stations and one government-sponsored? I don’t know.


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