“Don’t Rock The Boat”: a phrase & a metaphorical story about “crazy-makers” we all know…

I stumbled on this piece of brilliance from a few years ago today. Not sure if this is the original writer or it’s an oft-passed along piece, but after my question about “being the bigger person” a few days ago, this made my eyes bulge in surprise, because I’m sure there are a ton of people who have felt like this. And they’ll meet some family this holiday that love to nudge the freaking boat.

I’m not used to Reddit–never posted there and barely learned how to look things up in it (what little I’ve known has come from YouTube vids where the most popular posts get read aloud with questions and comments).

This is like The Artist’s Way and the section on “the crazymakers”. In this case, they talk about Just No Mother In Laws or other folks that this particular metaphor was meant for. But it’s really anybody you know who does that “rocking the boat” crap.

So, here’s the link to the story. I had to read it five or six times, because it’s so true at the end:

Don’t Rock The Boat (from the JNMIL thread)

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