Sugar Shock!: How sweets & simple carbs can derail your life–& how you can get back on track, by Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C. & Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.

My Copy: 9780425213575 (image from

I skipped this book to the head of the line when I was about to go to the hospital for scoping procedures and knew my eating habits would need to be changed. I’ve been wanting to do so, but this book had some great wake-up calls and reminders to help me out.

Sugar Shock! is about what you’d think it would be about. If you’ve wanted to know more about how damaging refined carbs and sugars are to the body and/or clear up some confusions or misconceptions about carbs and weight issues, then this one you gotta pick up. It does get a bit repetitive like most medically-based books are, but it breaks down the topic of health and sugar habits in many different ways so the point sticks.

It’s not a fad-diet book, if that’s what you’re concerned with. It does give strategies for successfully killing a sugar habit, but it’s not some diet workbook. You’ll get some snippets of testimonials from folks who’ve had different issues regarding sugar consumption and avoidance, from different periods in research, stuff like that.

I gotta say, when it comes down to it, our ignorance about true nutrition–doctors and laypeople alike–is pathetic. Part of it has been manufactured confusion by the food and sugar industries, and some is just outdated information that’s been passed along as gospel forever. The tide is turning, but because of such terms like sucrose, fructose, etc. not being well defined or understood by consumers, obesity has become the norm, an epidemic of unhealthy habits.

And as an obese person, I will see it as an epidemic with the way our society seems to run on cheap crap and ignorance, with little knowledge on how to prevent or change it for the better.

But the amount of problems that stem from too much sugar consumption is just frightening. There is so much that we have to learn about nutrition and habits to rethink that it may seem impossible, even on a personal level. I’m a sugar addict myself: even though my taste buds want it, my body does not, and I get sick. From what I’ve found in this book, I’m far from the only one this happens to.

If you want to eat healthier and get better ideas on improving nutrition for your family and kids and such, this is a great book. It’s not gonna have a bunch of meal plans or anything, but toward the end it does have some terms you can familiarize yourself with while looking at nutrition labels and the ingredients (the “hidden sugars” thing pisses me off so badly, and I keep wondering why the hell 90% of the stuff out there has to have sugar in it… makes me want to can and create my own foods JUST to avoid added sugars).

Worth a read and worth passing around to others. There’s so much we need to improve our literacy in. Nutrition is a huge one.

So, day after Thanksgiving and I’m one to talk with a pumpkin pie and whipped cream in the fridge. However, I just made it last night. Usually by now over half that pie would be long gone. I took one piece earlier… guess my body’s willing to calm down a bit regarding sugar at last (hee hee).

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