Happy Thanksgiving… & now for some WTF from our new Supreme Court.

This is super early and I know more details will come, but I already know I’m most definitely not leaving the house much if at all the next few weeks. By this weekend, the brushfire’s gonna sweep the country. And I’m in the Bible Belt.

Okay, Big Thing in the Sky, could you knock some sense into your followers, please? I’m dreading the next few weeks now.

This is just a snippet from Reuters. CNN had a big discussion earlier. More to come all day I’m sure:

And a little more from CNN I just found. The Universe must really want us dead.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving… & now for some WTF from our new Supreme Court.

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Mega Church = Mega Spread — I would refer to Mr. Darwin, but most of the people insisting on being stupid in the name of God have already reproduced. Well, plagues are supposed to be part of the End Times, so they just don’t care that they are risking the health and lives of other as well as their own.

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