Maybe it’s the novelty of new appliances in the house, but I just might enjoy doing the laundry from now on…

I’m gonna sound like a 1950s housewife, stereotypically gushing about the latest chore-saving gadget that my loving husband bought for me to keep me a happy modern woman.

37 best images about 1950s laundry on Pinterest

Ugh. (Cool colors, though.)

I’m not married and I picked out my new washer and dryer on my lonesome after weeks of comparison shopping over the internet. It’s my last big purchase before middle of next year at the very least, not counting medical and taxes, of course.

I kept thinking about it because of my own general weirdness and need to have things relatively matching at times, and for as long as I can remember, my washer and dryer have never matched. That’s just a tiny peeve that I’ve never really bothered with, but the idea of new appliances has been bugging me most of a year. I should’ve bought new ones to go with my new house, but the dryer was only two years old and I was afraid I was overspending so early on.

That’s been the issue–getting the cheapest (and highest-capacity) washers and dryers we could find in a pinch because of worn out parts, loss of power, whatever. So about every three to four years, one of them would go out and we would have to go emergency shopping for another.

Well, I found a pair that look really freaking nice and they came in yesterday. I saved the other washer and dryer because someone’s always on the lookout for a good pair and a couple folks might be interested. It’s a way to do some good for my neighbors if they need it, because they do work.

They just don’t work well for MY laundry.

More specifically, all the dog hair and bird feathers that collect on all the towels and blankets all the time.

I got tired of having to wash a load twice because it didn’t smell quite right or had too much hair still stuck in the fibers. More often it was because I would forget the load a couple of days, and then oh crap, gotta wash all over again. I’d let laundry sit because I hated having to guesstimate and do extra loads for what felt like stupid reasons.

And the reasons for the extra research was that I wanted a front-loading washer for once, and never had one.

I can already hear the howling from folks who know about possible mold issues I’ll have, and how the maintenance works on ’em, possible leakage, etc. But that pales in comparison to being able to use far less water per wash, and no central agitator to deal with.

I’ve grown to hate agitators the past few years. Tired of having to carefully re-arrange my load when doing sheets and comforters and dog-beds because of the rocking and knocking if the spin cycle shifted everything too much.

Throwing a brick in the washing machine : gifs

Annoyed at how many exercise shorts and cargo pants got semi-ruined over the years because the drawstring would come untied or untucked (neither method worked well) and end up wrapped around and stuck in the moving parts of the agitator, or wrapped around other clothes like one of those bed-sheet escape ropes. I lost count the number of drawstrings eventually ripped away from the lining and the holes left behind I had to patch up or ignore if you couldn’t see ’em from the outside.

And super frustrated that those agitators killed my bras. Somehow they’d end up unclasped and–like the drawstring pants–end up wrapped around the agitator and other clothing. I had to use pliers to try and repair the hooks several times after they came undone and snagged, some were in such bad shape I had to try and replace the backing.

That is, if the agitator didn’t stretch the band size so much that it barely fit and wouldn’t support anymore. “Delicates” bags didn’t seem to do much because somehow it would become unzipped in the wash or the hook would get stretched anyway because somehow it would snag on the bag side.

I just couldn’t win.

So I was adamant that I would learn all about front-load washers and keeping them from getting moldy or rusty, ANYTHING to not have to deal with an agitator anymore. And that matching washer and dryer showed up yesterday morning.

I got a GE washer and dryer pair that was on sale at a decent price, and not too crazy as far as features go.

GE - 4.8 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle High-Efficiency Front-Loading Washer with UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock - White on White GE - 7.8 Cu. Ft. 10-Cycle Electric Dryer - White On White

I don’t need anything to connect to my phone or wi-fi or anything like that (I don’t get the point of that, but oh well). What I love best is the features are similar on both, which was a tremendous help. The biggest trouble I’ve had using products from different brands together is the settings aren’t the same, so there’s some guess work as method and timing for drying something that was in the wash under a certain setting. I’ve tried to keep loads separate in the past best I could (sheets and towels vs. clothes vs. scarves and delicates… when possible) because some would be piping hot and dry while other stuff would be still soaked through.

And then that led to using far more energy than needed, wasting far more water if I forgot to change some things. Nope, now I had knobs and settings that matched. If I was washing towels, I could set the washer to towels, and then the dryer to towels. No guesswork. And I loved that the dryer had an “eco-dry” option, which goes a bit longer but uses less heat energy in the long run.

And there’s a brightly-lit timer for me to see how much time is left every time I go by, and a chime to tell me when steps have finished.

The washer has that “ultra-vent” system where after you’re done washing clothes and such, you turn that on and it will tumble the drum around trying to help get rid of excess water much as possible. I’ve gotten pretty good at getting one of my microfiber cloths between loads and wiping the gaskets and window down of excess moisture. But that option is going to be a big help.

I couldn’t get over how quiet those machines were, and even the “I’m done” sound is quiet (maybe I could tweak that, but even if not, no biggie). Every single thing I pulled out of the dryer was dry. Not a crumpled damp blanket or towel. Hell, even my filthy house slippers were clean and dry to the touch and I wore them around last night immediately after taking them out. Usually because of the sole, I’d have to wash them and try to dry them, only to air-dry them overnight because of the thudding sound they’d make kicking around in there, or it just didn’t work right.

I was so happy, because I have HATED laundry all these years. I hated it because each load had it’s own problems and took so much longer than it should have… and in frustration I’d just let it sit a while and have to do it all over again. My last dried load sat in the dryer for a week because I just didn’t want to deal.

I was so surprised this morning to wake up and look around and not see a pile of to-be washed clothing mocking me. Life just became a touch easier.

Now if only I could figure out the best dish soap to use in my dish washer and make dishes a more pleasant experience (the detergent they recommend for the model sucks). Time to don my research hat for that one now… hmm…

Definitely NOT planning on buying a new dishwasher, so no worries there. It’s just trying to get the right soap and settings.

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