For those (like me) who assumed deniers that get COVID-19 will finally see the light… not so fast.

photo credit: (David Horsey, op ed 11-17-2020)

I saw a few clips about this nurse’s tweet. From South Dakota, Nurse Jodi Doering finally had to express herself on her night off. I don’t have Twitter, but you can find her viral tweet without much difficulty, I assume. The gist of it is even while plenty of folks are in the hospital beds, hooked up to machines, gasping for breath… they deny that it’s COVID-19.

I never thought that would be the case. My mind was blown.

CNN interviewed her this morning about the tweet for some elaboration (I happened to catch it before I caught a ride to my own surgical appointment). Jodi shows up about 1:15 in:

I asked my ride about it (she works in a hospital) and what she’s heard about the denial in her own hospital. She was amazed how bad it was in this story. Maybe because my friend works in a hospital that’s about 50/50 liberal and conservative–and doesn’t have to work closely to the COVID patients anymore since surgical opened back up (her specialty).  She told me she still thinks about those days of passing up body bags on the way to her shift and getting swabbed and tested all the time when Houston started getting those increased numbers months ago.

Like me, she gets incredibly frustrated at the knee-jerk reaction about folks not wanting to mask up, or dismissing and mis-hearing things because it doesn’t gel with what they want to acknowledge or talk about. 

I don’t want anyone to get ill, but it’s shocking as hell when folks are still in denial while about to be intubated and lashing out that it’s a hoax. How the hell can that be? I mean, I know there’s the whole “drinking the kool-aid” thing, but it’s like they went back for seconds and thirds, threw it up, and went back for a fourth cup.

We’ll be dealing with this shit well into the new year, even if the vaccine’s ready and approved and distributed. Because of folks like this. Because they don’t believe, they’ll get so many infected and killed… and have been for months.

The Damage Report did a short segment on this and said that body bags should be lined up outside of FOX news and the White House to show them what the lies and misdirection have done. I’m so numb I would have a hard time saying that might not be the best idea, because that might tell a few other folks what’s going on, but the ones the message is intended for are gonna keep turning a blind eye.

Hell, the eye’s been turned so often it’s stuck facing into the back of the skull.

Wash your hands. Keep ’em away from your face.

The mask protects you as much as it protects others from you.

Wear the mask. Find one that feels more comfortable or stay the hell at home and don’t get everyone else freaking sick.

I’m just livid, and I’m trying damned hard not to give up on my fellow Americans… but these folks could make it fucking easier and think about their responsibilities as American citizens more than their fucking right to be an oblivious, in-denial carrier monkey. Who knows how many more will be infected by these folks before it’s all over with, and how many will die because of it?

Apparently even their own deaths won’t stop them.

But they don’t have to take the rest of us down with them out of stubbornness.

Wear. A. Damn. Mask. In. Public. Don’t bitch about it, because we’re all in the same boat. The 15th cashier, salesperson, medical worker, janitor, or wait staff you gripe to this week won’t give a shit. They’ve heard it from a dozen other people every day, I’m sure.

Wear. A. Damn. Mask.

Or do us all a favor and stay the hell at home.

7 thoughts on “For those (like me) who assumed deniers that get COVID-19 will finally see the light… not so fast.

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Just a couple of hours ago, I was commenting on a blog I follow that maybe with this virus hitting so hard in places like South Dakota that the deniers would be realizing it is real. I’m going to have to give that blogger a link to this and tell him I was wrong. Damn, this is beyond sad.

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  2. CalicoJack says:

    Howdy Tally!

    I’m with you. I knew that the cognitive dissonance that #COVID19 deniers were using had twisted itself into an infinite pretzel and joked that it was nearing fatal proportions, but, really it is fatal. In response to the destruction of WWI, Freud developed his thoughts on the death drive which causes people to seek destructive and lethal behaviors. I always dismissed it as so much Freudian wishful thinking, but now am tempted to go back and re-visit Freud’s writings — for his limited use of empirical evidence, he was amazingly accurate, even though he was very wide of the mark.

    One would assume that the instinct for self-preservation would have opened the eyes of #COVID19 deniers as severe illness and death approached. It has for at least some, but, obviously, it hasn’t for far too many.


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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      I guess what feels so absurd about this situation (other than, well, ALL OF IT), is that most of us might know that stubborn person out there and joke behind their back that “they’d rather die than admit they were wrong.” Well, it’s not a joke anymore. I’ve seen a dreadful trend where folks would be wrong in supporting something Dump said and then double-down on it. And it’s happened (and keeps happening) on a massive scale.
      I suddenly have the urge to watch “Downfall” when I take a break tomorrow. The pressure and descent into a mad world are starting to feel similar.


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