A mile & a half: A recap of Q’s #126 – 150

Every time I hit the quarter mark, I try to compile the lists in case you’re wondering (like I often do) the weird places my noggin likes to take me. Also, considering this odd virus situation we’re all dealing with in some way, maybe this’ll be a silly little distraction.

So, to make this easy, I’ve linked to the other “quarter mile” stops before this one:

For #001-025

For #026-050

For #051-075

For #076-100

For #101-125

And now, the most recent batch without further ado:

#126 — Blitz Q: If you could nominate a song for Earth’s anthem, what would it be?

#127 — How can you effectively create calluses for guitar practice when you constantly have to wash your hands?

#128 — Blitz Q: Mass COVID-19 testing in the U.S.: How many can we really test & how long  to test everybody?

#129 — Another COVID-19 question: They keep saying “make ventilators.” Okay, but who’s making gloves, gowns, and other PPE right now?

#130 — If quarantine protesters are all about their state’s rights, why wave Trump 2020 or Confederate Battle Flags?

#131 — How do you protect a food garden from a hurricane?

#132 — What do the protesters saying “COVID-19 is a hoax” mean? (& other q’s about all this)…

#133 — Blitz Q: What was the point of that Trump at Church photo op?

#134 — Blitz Q: Have we finally seen the end of internet “thoughts and prayers” during a national crisis?

#135 — Absurd Q: What will Trump’s Presidential Library look like?

#136 — Absurd Q: What the hell was Humpty Dumpty supposed to be?

#137 — What’s the point of Flag Day, and can we get rid of it?

#138 — Why do some folks at a stop light stop a full car length (or more) away from the painted stop line?

#139 — Blitz Q: Why does a faucet need an aerator?

#140 — Absurd Q: Are people required to play golf when they become president?

#141 — How do you store your home-grown crops when you don’t have a root cellar?

#142 — How the hell did buying a refrigerator become so complicated?

#143 — Blitz Q: Who would Republicans put forth as their presidential candidate for 2020 if they could?

#144 — Absurd Q: Why do we say a “pair of pants” or “pants” instead of “pant”? What’s with the plurality?

#145 — How & when is it best to stop being “understanding” & just do what you must,  regardless how it will affect others?

#146 — Disposable batteries officially suck; why are they so lousy when you need them most?

#147 — Question for the Dune fans out there — is it worth it to read the other books?

#148 — Blitz Q: Where the hell did we go so wrong with basic consideration of others (re: masks) in the U.S.A.?

#149 — What might Donald Trump do between Election Day and Inauguration Day?

#150 — Absurd Q: What % of Christians will vote for Trump because they believe he’s the Antichrist & will ensure Jesus’ return?


Happy Reading. More questions to come because that’s pretty much what my life is all about: questioning heaven knows what. Back to reading.

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