“The Country is Screwed Whether Trump Wins or Loses.” This video chilled me… & we’re still awaiting results.

Two words came to mind: Holy. Crap.

I had this pop up on my YouTube feed. I’ve seen some snippets of David Pakman’s show quite a bit lately, but this segment from today delves into what it means that so many millions voted for Donald Trump in this election, even more than did in 2016 (I nearly choked on my coffee when I heard that part).

Let’s just say I’m trying not to reach for my stack of dystopian novels and thumb through them for something that makes more sense right now. I mean, some of this stuff was kind of in my head, like one of those feelings that are on the tip of your brain but you can’t put words to them. Now, I got a better idea what this awful feeling is I’ve had for a while. Damn.

I couldn’t find the article he referenced (it’s written by his father and apparently in Spanish, anyway), but this 6 and a half minutes is definitely something. I’ll be up a good chunk of the night reading.

A vid about Trump, lies, war, and the mindset of Trumpers. I need some wine or a 10 hour writing streak to get this feeling gone.

5 thoughts on ““The Country is Screwed Whether Trump Wins or Loses.” This video chilled me… & we’re still awaiting results.

  1. Andrew says:

    I became a member of David Pakman’s site because of this election and his coverage. Indeed this piece he did was hard to listen to and dystopian but unfortunately true. It does look like Biden will win the election though so at least we can start to move forward again as a country.

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      At the very least, I’m sure we can at least improve our foreign policy and relationships with allies who’ve drifted away thanks to Dump tantrums and dismissive attitudes. Beyond that, it’ll be spent mostly trying to clean up the messes and calming tempers… and as long as we keep the pressure up, perhaps (fingers, toes, everything crossed) some needed reforms.

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