Election Day Stress Relief; or, breathing & laughter are medicine (AND exercise if you do it right)

I started thinking about some great ways for stress relief when I stumbled on a video from another blogger (thank you Ms. Diane) that was in her post. And it got me thinking: things to laugh at and things to just get lost in are great stress relief.

I chose a few vids that spread over a variety of styles, some older, some newer, some contemplative, and some just because:

Stress relief with dogs (Ms. Diane found this one. I knew I knew that name… I really wanna pop in some Freakazoid DVDs now)…

And then there’s some contemplative meditation. This poor philosopher just can’t get it right…

Sometimes life needs to be a bit more musical, and it’s nice when you can share it with a friend. Somebody better tell Victor Borge that…

But if you go back further with musical talent to the great Mozart… let’s just say put the closed captioning on if you don’t understand German (you’ll have to) and don’t tell the kids how you’re expanding your classical horizons…

I also like to delve into more knowledgeable stuff when I can, something that teaches me, and when I’m in a mood for science and discovery (and hella humor), this takes the walnut:

Circling around to classic comedy and let’s face it, you need to challenge anyone to watch this clip without laughing. Dang it, Tim Conway…

And then, for a more modern bit of comedic talent that IS kid friendly (after all, kids interpreted and voice acted a scene from one of the best movies ever) …


I could probably go on with other stuff, but you can browse YouTube on your own… and maybe you found some stuff that’s never failed to crack you up on a crappy day or just make someone else laugh when you needed a brain break or the stress relief.

Anyhoo, any suggestions on funny stuff that helps you out? Floor’s yours…

3 thoughts on “Election Day Stress Relief; or, breathing & laughter are medicine (AND exercise if you do it right)

    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      My dad introduced me to him (through PBS, I think they were doing a comedy doc thing and a program for one of their many fundraisers). I wasn’t busy and sat down to watch and could not stop laughing. How he could keep going and do all that physical comedy (while playing crazy well) was just amazing to me. He’s one of the reasons I wanted to learn piano, but it’d take decades to get that funny with it.

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