Absurd Q #150: What % of Christians will vote for Trump because they believe he’s the Antichrist & will ensure Jesus’ return?

DISCLAIMER: It has been forever since I’ve read Revelations all the way through (trying to get through Proverbs still… again) and some of what I’m remembering may well have to do more with cherry-picked stuff from the pulpit, or Milton, or Dante. I don’t know. I’m trying to go with what little I remember.

I have an old-school Christian neighbor that’s not been much for voting in the past. She may well this time, and if she does, she’ll vote Biden. She firmly believes that we’re living in the End Times (the capitalization’s always implied with her).

Now, I’ve heard this before, just like many Christians or former ones have heard for nearly 2000 years. But it got me thinking about when Obama was elected. I lost count the number of times people called him the Antichrist in those years.

One time I got fed up hearing it (don’t know if I was around work friends or cousins or something) and responded that Obama wasn’t, but if they were determined to believe that he was, it meant the math was wrong in Revelations. Someone asked me to clarify that (annoyed, of course). I said according to scripture, wasn’t the Antichrist supposed to control Earth for 7 years before Jesus came back? Obama lasted 8 in office.

Yeah, I earned a few glares and God Squad-like preaching texts for a while, or maybe it was e-mail. It was annoying, but worth it.

But it got me thinking that there are plenty of Christians out there who seem to have a hard on for the end of the world. They tend to get a lot of flack for supporting policies that are polluting and tearing up the environment, and justify it by saying or implying “we’re all gonna be raptured soon anyway, so who cares?” Or something along those lines.

And I’m shaking my head at the crazy amount of contradictions there seem to be regarding Revelations, even while it’s held up as a true prophecy about the end of the world to come.

I wonder if Nostradamus has a better batting average by now.

But I digress–

My neighbor firmly believes that if anybody’s the antichrist, it’s Trump, and the End Times are here. So, it made me wonder:

How many Christians are voting for Trump because they think he is the Antichrist and will ensure Jesus’ return to Earth? Granted, Revelations is full of controversy, and just a quick Google search about the length of time and the Antichrist is full of weird answers and contradictions (70 weeks in Daniel vs. 7 years. Really? What’s the deal with that? Anyhoo–)

In the unfortunate event that Dump were to win, the best they could hope for to make the prophecy true is that he have a heart attack or something at the end of year 7.

And if he were to last all eight years somehow (his blood must be made of Diet Coke and Big Mac sauce by now), how would that screw up their metric?

But seriously, what percentage of Christians do you think would vote for Trump because they thought he might be the Antichrist and needed to be in charge to usher in Jesus’ return? Have you heard anybody talking about the End Times a lot lately (and justifying voting for Trump in the process)?

When he loses, what would that mean to them?

I’m really concerned about the number of folks who want the end of the world, or damn well seem to act like it, so this question’s been niggling at the back of my mind for months. I just figured now was the time to ask, considering the stakes.

Floor’s yours…

6 thoughts on “Absurd Q #150: What % of Christians will vote for Trump because they believe he’s the Antichrist & will ensure Jesus’ return?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Christians seem to have be arguing about who (at the time of the argument) is the Antichrist ever since Revelations was written. Some will vote for Trump because they think he is, and some think he is Heaven sent. If he loses, many will be terrified, many will be enraged, and many, perhaps most, will be confused. That’s how it is when prophesy fails and the failure has to be explained away. Maybe we will get lucky and the response will be, “Well, gee, I guess he wasn’t the one.”

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      Wasn’t it Ben Carson’s 7th Day Adventists who thought the world was supposed to end and Christ come back in the mid 1800s? (okay, 1844 according to wikipedia, and it’s called the “Great Disappointment” that it didn’t happen). But I guess if there’s anybody who’s gotten used to moving goalposts when predicted stuff just doesn’t happen, it’s evangelical Christians.

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      • bobcabkings says:

        The goal posts have been moving ever since the Crucifixion. Apparently the original Apostles expected the Second Coming in their lifetimes, and at least some Christians in every generation since have expected it or hoped for it in theirs. Both of the Millennium years have been biggies too, although there were arguments about whether the years would be 1000 and 2000, or 1001 and 2001.

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