What Happened When a Nice Guy Ran Against a QAnon Candidate…

This one came from Diane Ravich’s blog this morning. I briefly remember the name Kevin Van Ausdal and then didn’t hear much of anything. And now I know why.

If I was running for office, what he did and how he acted is probably how I would’ve been. But people wanted to be angry and irrational (and many still do), and he paid for that by losing.

I want to give him a hug. A big, virtual hug for being true to himself and trying to bring civility back. It sucks that winning the past four years has meant bravado, lies, bullying and gimmickry.

Mr. Kevin Van Ausdal, you fought a fight you could be proud of, sir. I’m just sad that the voters didn’t care about truth or civility.

photo credit: northwestgeorgianews.com

What Happened When a Nice Guy Ran Against a QAnon Candidate

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