Blitz Q #148: Where the hell did we go so wrong with basic consideration of others (re: masks) in the U.S.A.?

It’s been a doozy of a week, good and not so good stuff. I’ve been tired as hell and trying to get things put together and educate myself. All in all, if you asked me what the heck I actually did, I couldn’t tell you much.

But with more stories about infection rates spiking, restrictions argued over, I just have my hands up in the air and I’m tired of it all.

More than that, I find it damned shameful to be American right now, because we have to be the stupidest society on Earth to everyone else. We can’t do simple things to keep other people safe, let alone ourselves.

As the great philosopher Beau said:

And he said this SIX MONTHS AGO!

160,000 additional Americans have died since then.

How and why the hell is this still an issue? Why the hell aren’t people doing what they need to do for themselves, their families, their neighbors? Why aren’t they ALL being respectful and more importantly, responsible?

This is why I’ve thrown my hands up in the air and I’m almost in full hermit mode. Not good for a recovering recluse, but I’m tired of it. We are not a society based on social responsibility and any semblance of respect anymore… if we ever were.

This impressed and saddened me when I saw it today. It’s only a minute and a half, and is about two months old, but honestly… it says a helluva lot about masks and basic health procedures and us.

I want to ask how the hell we can get to the point where people care about each other and not just me-me-me in this country? How did we get so far off the deep end?

I can’t even ask the question correctly because it opens up a thousand more.

Still, floor’s yours if you’ve got some ideas and want to vent…

4 thoughts on “Blitz Q #148: Where the hell did we go so wrong with basic consideration of others (re: masks) in the U.S.A.?

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Sadly, we live in a time when anything that can be fitted into the context of political polarization, no matter how stupidly or irresponsibly, will be by some ambitious political actors and extremists who see the political process as a zero-sum game, a war, rather than a conversation.

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    • TheChattyIntrovert says:

      There’s two things that have popped up in my brain today about this zero-sum game (adequately put, btw). I keep remembering that stupid campaign boast in 2016 where Dump said there would be so much winning it would be too much. Of course, the past four years have given books-worth of info to make fun of that boast. But so many think that they’ve been winning all along. It makes me wonder when–for those particular folks–winning actually becomes losing. And would they recognize it as such.

      The other is the mask mandates don’t help if a bunch of people refuse to do ’em. I’ve had the end of “Horton Hears a Who” in my head when they’re trying to make noise to let the others animals know the who’s are on that spec, and ONE kid in the town is NOT making noise. They get his butt into gear and suddenly it’s JUST ENOUGH noise for the other animals to hear them, too. That one idiot almost got them all killed. I know it’s not the moral of the original story, but that bit about that one not doing its part… it’s apropos to me.

      It doesn’t help if everyone else is doing their part, and a bunch of people are. But when you’ve got that one insisting they don’t have to and it’s stupid, and folks around them get sick, they go “see, your way doesn’t work anyway!” Well, if YOU would get your crap together and do your part, you could stop spreading it to folks that are trying to protect themselves. But they refuse to see they’re part of the problem, and probably never will. It sickens me.

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      • bobcabkings says:

        The fact is that huge numbers of those believers in the Winning Boast really are losing, being taken to the cleaners, no to mention the ICU and morgue, and the unemployment line on their way to eviction. But they don’t see it as losing, just a temporary bump on the way to total victory (whatever that may mean to them). The only way some might see it would be a new President, House, and Senate (as well as some changes on the state level) actually improving their situation. And that is the great fear in the guts of the Republican Party.

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