I had to rein in my anger at Dump yesterday after the incomparable Beau reminded me of something…

I had been up since 3am yesterday because after Dump returned to the White House from the hospital and promptly took his mask off, I was just livid and it wouldn’t let me sleep. And then the pictures of him going around without a mask, and then making that “don’t worry” video…

Yeah, let’s just say my blood was about to boil over. And I haven’t known anyone (as far as I know) that’s gotten Covid and died or been affected by it, but hearing from others or watching others react to Dump’s blasé tough-guy message… that was just an insult.

Yeah, this guy, especially around the 3 minute mark, I definitely feel for John trying to rein it in, too. Never really watched this show before, just popped up on my feed, but wow.

Around noon, I was finally exhausted enough by my emotions that I could nod off. Took a two hour nap and woke up and caught Beau’s video.

We’re forgetting something about Dump right now–he’s on DRUGS. At least, I’m hoping he’s actually taking the shit he’s supposed to take and not doing the “tough guy” crap by ignoring them because he feels just fine.

So, this killing the stimulus package step could be one of two things to me:

  1. He thinks he’s gonna lose, and his idea is “if I’m going down, I’m taking you all with me.”
  2. His mental state is altered from the meds and the virus (which has happened to A LOT of people who’ve gotten the virus and managed to recover). How long it lasts, who knows?

But this is the thing Beau reminded me of, the medical issue. We’re focused on the infection rate and the death toll, but we don’t get much info on the after-effects.

Beau brought it back to reality, and I definitely recommend a viewing:

Be well, all, and remember to take a breath and think, even if every second til election day boils your blood. We need those moments of clarity and rationality, lest the cesspool of crazy Dump crap drag us down with it. Cool off or you’ll get grayer and grayer hair (like me).

I think it’s time to start meditation again, and read something non-political once in a while. Time to tackle the fiction section in between.

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