I’m worn out. This president has pushed my mind to the raggedy edge

I should probably shave my head again. Every morning when I look in the mirror, it’s grayer and grayer. It’ll probably be full gray by the time the damned polls close.

I feel like I should’ve been a mental gymnast to try and get what the hell was going on with Dump the past few years. And now, while he has tested positive for Coronavirus, gone to the hospital for treatment… he decides to get into a hermetically sealed vehicle for a joyride to wave to his supporters.

I’d REALLY hate to be the secret service guys stuck with him in that thing, even for a super short trip.

I was amazed, furious, wondering how many days since he’d gone into quarantine and if he actually WAS in quarantine. Who the hell approved what happened a few hours ago and why? He was supposed to be under a physician’s care, and with this virus, didn’t that mean quarantine for two weeks? It’s been what, two days at the most?

I haven’t written anything fresh in days because I’ve just gone numb. I’m trying every technique I can think of to calm down, avoid the news for a while, get other stuff done and get more active so I can feel better all around. And yet, this tail end of a presidency is like a slow motion train wreck. I just can’t look away easily.

I don’t know how these folks in the news services can do it. Granted, their job is to dig and investigate (if they do it right), so there’s a lot of activity there to keep ’em occupied and not focused just on the moment. But wow–I can barely listen to or watch any of it for very long, though that hasn’t stopped my finger from hitting the button to click on a video or two every now and then.

I would love to know who gave the okay for this stunt, or did Dump just decide he was gonna do it and threw a tantrum til he got his way? That scares the hell out of me if it was a Dump tantrum, because I thought the point was he go into quarantine and get well and don’t risk anyone else.

Like his family at the debate, he’s proving the rules don’t apply to him. I want reality to give them all a swift kick in the ass more than anything. I want them to find out that once he’s out of office, they’re just white trash that used to have money (or pretended really damned well)). I want them to find out they’re not super special folks and are gonna have to figure out how to live like everybody else in this America they’ve tried to rape and pillage with a smile.

He’s so dependent on supporters that he just HAD to make an appearance. And I wonder how the next few weeks will play out.

Too tired to speculate now. Gonna catch some much needed z’s and hope for the best. My mind is circling the drain trying not to dwell to o much on what’s been going on while trying to shut off the paranoid part of me that is too fixated on the Dump problem.

Be well, all. Don’t over self-medicate, but do find ways to take the edge off. I feel like we’ve been at red alert for months and just can’t stay frosty anymore.

Hicks: Stay Frosty by k8itude - Meme Center

I’m tryin’, Hicks. I’m tryin’.

8 thoughts on “I’m worn out. This president has pushed my mind to the raggedy edge

  1. bobcabkings says:

    Mr. Trump has shown so much disregard for medical advice that it is hard to have any trust that he will not continue to take chances with his own health and that of many others in his drive to get back out in front of large audiences. Time will tell.

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  2. Andrew says:

    I read a good satire piece a few weeks back that made a strong and compelling argument that orange skins true age had the decimal point in the wrong spot and he was actually 7.4 years old (at least mentally). Need to see if I can find it again 😉 The last few weeks has me thinking that perhaps it was a little less satire and a bit more reality 😀

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  3. carol hopkins says:

    I am watching the farce from north of the border and shaking my head, once again. The man loves attention more than Pooh Bear loves honey. I’m doing my best to ignore him. My sympathies are entirely with the people around him who have jobs to do and cannot keep themselves safe. This presidency has been nothing but a farce from day one.

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