Only women bleed

from The Shinbone Star website.

I felt sick when I read about the migrant women in detention, and the hysterectomies. Somehow in the back of my mind, I was hoping this step would never occur, but it seems like it has.

“It can’t happen here,” my ass.

Our ugliest human-rights defying history is rhyming very, very loudly right now.

Of course, after reading some other things this evening that indicated how few Americans know about or believe the truth of the Holocaust, well, those folks would be going “what can’t happen here?”

I’m wishing I didn’t have to worry so much about gas money, because now I’m itching to return to the Holocaust Museum and be a volunteer docent again. I’m fed up with the willful ignorance and the callous disregard.

Read, people, for the sake of the universe and yourselves, read and learn the truth whenever you can!!!

So, without further ado, a whistle-blowing nurse from a detention camp, and migrant women:

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