From IndiePulse Music: “The Kids are Still in Cages” by Nancy Sanchez. A song of urgent beauty…

photo from, original article

I was amazed to find this article and click on the link within it to listen to the song. Wow. Thanks to COVID-19 and the protests and wildfires, hurricanes, etc., I think a lot of us have forgotten that there’s still kids in cages on the border. It’s been pushed out of the headlines or relegated to slight mentions here and there. I am trying to remember the last thing I read about the border, or heard from the news, but so far, nothing.

It’s just odd happenstance that I saw this in my news feed today. I was watching a lot of older Beau of the Fifth Column videos and happened on the ones talking about the abuse and kids in cages that were going on. It was a reminder of how long this has been going on.

And this song was a reminder that it is STILL going on.

The story behind the song is pretty interesting, but I just found it a helluva coincidence that I’m watching those videos about the border situation, and then poof–there’s an article and a song in my feed about the same subject.

The song is different than I’m used to, but it’s done well. Certainly the lyrics are worth reading in the YouTube video description

So, without further ado, from the IndiePulse Music site:

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