Best laid plans, laundry baskets, & files

I had that broken white laundry basket sitting in my living room, getting ever fuller for over a month before tonight. I just spent over two hours trying to organize all the crap that was in it, and a milk crate full of magazines I hadn’t had a chance to read or go through yet.

I started early with trying to split up the notices, invoices, receipts, etc. But then I remembered that it would be easier to pull the files out of the file cabinet and put ’em in the milk crate AFTER I pulled out all the magazines, organized them, and set them aside.

That made things go a lot faster in the last hour and change.

But I still think it’s nuts that with plenty of file cabinets and space, I still just chose to chuck all the mail in different piles around the house instead of putting the receipts up once I got my bills in order.

I guess I got overzealous while cleaning and totally re-arranged my pseudo filing system because I put it all in one place.

I don’t get why procrastination seems to happen like that with me, but it does. I love organizing files and such, but I just let it go for months and I don’t know why. Now I have to work tomorrow and am wasting my time trying to get all that crap put away.

Seriously, I have several file cabinets for a reason. They’re there to put things up and out of the way. And I just ignored them in favor of chucking bills and mail in a “to be filed” pile.

First thing in organization: pay a bill and file it promptly. I’m gonna work on that next pay cycle.

That’s what also has tripped me up. I was all set to get a bunch of other work done tomorrow, like weeding, gardening, practicing guitar and starting my Masterclasses list (and yes, writing some lines and prompts). But somebody got sick and like usual, I said I’d work it tomorrow. Then not an hour after I was asked to do that, we found out someone had a death in the family and instead of decreasing my stress and easing out of the job, I’m working every day next week.

Ugh, a helluva start to the rest of my life, doing something more fulfilling. I just hope tomorrow’s not too insane, but also not too boring. I hate days when there’s damn near nothing to do beyond sitting and bringing clients back for the background check. I’m glad I found my Tylenol. I’ll need it to get around that awful beeping sound.

It just stinks that I had a ton of outside work to try and get through, and now I will barely be able to tackle any of it til the next week. I can only hope that the vetting process for my new co-workers is done quickly, because I’m gonna be a twitchy wreck by the time next Saturday hits. And I’ve gotta spend most of Sunday fixing lunches for myself because I’ll likely be going for junk food again if I’m not careful.

Well, I should’ve expected it. The whole “best laid plans” and all. And yet, it’ll all come about. It will just take at least a week longer before I can establish a new routine and get cracking on the things I absolutely need and want to do most.

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