Blitz Q #143: Who would Republicans put forward as their presidential candidate for 2020 if they could?

I know Dump is the candidate. He’s the incumbent; you just don’t derail the train (even if some believe otherwise) while the party you support is already in office. It’s also something that just doesn’t happen: when you can get two terms, you don’t just up and say nope.

Well, wait–LBJ did. With all the craziness of the late 1960s and how it weighed him down, he told the country and the Democratic party that he wouldn’t accept nomination for his second term, so they had to get another in his place (which was Humphrey, his VP, who ended up losing to Nixon).

Well, there’s a few weeks at least if all of a sudden the Republicans wanted to scramble some candidates together and make a play for August like back in 1968 (they had almost 5 months advance warning, admittedly, that LBJ was out).

Part of me wonders if there’ll be a flood of write-in names on the Republican ticket in states where they let you do that, though around here there are plenty of Dump yard signs and big-ol flags in yards and pick-up truck beds.


In this crazy time of a pandemic and economic brouhaha, who would be a good candidate for the Republican party in this 2020 election?

Would people still stick with Dump if they decided to have a Republican convention and nominate anew?

Hmm… who would they wanna pick? Now I wanna read up on the Lincoln Project some more and see what they might’ve thought on it… hmm…

Just curious if you know anybody who’s thought about this or if you have yourself. It started bugging me this morning, because this term has felt a decade long and I’ve forgotten a lot of the previous runners (other than Cruz by a basic fact of geography).

So, what do you think? Or what would be possible even at this late juncture for the Republican party? Would they stay with you-know-who even if they had other options?

Floor’s yours…

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