Borrowing Rick Beato’s list of top 20 keyboard intros of all time… & will add one more.

First of all, I love watching Rick Beato when I’m trying to get motivated to play music again. I never get tired of the top 20 acoustic intros list–it makes me itch to pick up the guitar.

So, when I’m feeling listless and need inspiration, the vids help.

It’s been a roller-coaster of an emotional week and I can unwind AND get nicely enthusiastic at the same time. Got a lot of thinking to do–too much to post about it tonight.

There are tons of songs out there that make me want to play piano and eventually keyboard. A good chunk of them are on this list (and I love how he handles copyright issues if they come up). It’s an interesting list and showed me some songs I hadn’t heard before, or maybe I didn’t pay attention the first time.

Worth a watch–maybe you’ll find some new intriguing numbers like I did, worth a try later on:

So, what did ya think of his list?

I know I’d add one more… the one that REALLY made me wanna learn keyboard. I just love how energetic and happy it is just for the hell of it:

(Don’t care about the video, but love the song).


***sorry if it showed up funny earlier. Went to refresh when my computer froze and it ended up publishing before I added the links. Oops.

One thought on “Borrowing Rick Beato’s list of top 20 keyboard intros of all time… & will add one more.

  1. Ray Laskowitz says:

    Interesting. Living with a piano player means that the list was scrutinized. She asked where’s Oscar Peterson and Dave Brubeck? Where are the New Orleans piano players? And, there you have it.


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